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Listado de libros sobre magia, cartomagia y tahurismo.

En el presente listado de libros referidos a la magia general, cartomagia y tahurismo aparecen títulos esenciales del arte cartomágico, la mayoría de autores son de origen anglosajón, ya que es en los países de habla inglesa donde estos libros ha tenido más difusión. Si deseas un listado más completo sobre éstos temas puedes descargarte el listado de mi Biblioteca digital desde este link o desde el menú superior "descargas".

Autor Titulo
Aaronson, Sam Sam Aaronson Lecture Nº 1, (Notas de conferencia)
Abbott, Bill Cabaret Card Magic
Abbott, Bill Cocktail Card Magic
Abbott, Bill Smart Stuff Book
Abbott, Bill Table Magic
Abbott, David Behind the Scenes with the Mediums
Abbott, Percy A Lifetime of Magic
Abbott, Percy, Tom Zeno Abbott's Cigarette Magic
Abbott, Percy Abbott's Practical Patter
Abbott, Percy Comedy Magic
Abbott, Percy Hat Loading Methods
Abbott, Percy Illusions Illusions
Abbott, Percy Magic Card System
Abbott, Percy Magic for Magicians
Abraham, R.M. Tricks and Amusements (formerly Diversions and Pastimes)
Abrams, Max (Editor) Annemann The Life and Times of a Legend
Acer, David 7 by Patrik Kuffs
Acer, David DeSouza's Deceptions
Acer, David Keys to the Kingdom
Acer, David Natural Selections
Acer, David Natural Selections II
Acer, David Random Acts of Magic
Acer, David Richard Sanders Close Up Assassin
Ackerman, Allan Ackerman 2004
Ackerman, Allan Al Cardpone, a.k.a. Cardface
Ackerman, Allan Classic Handlings
Ackerman, Allan Here's My Card
Ackerman, Allan Las Vegas Kardma
Ackerman, Allan Wednesday Nights Spring 1994 (Conferencia)
Adair, Ian Cabaret Dove Act
Adair, Ian Complete Guide to Card Conjuring
Adair, Ian Conjuring as a Craft
Adair, Ian Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic Volumen 1
Adair, Ian Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic Volumen 4
Adair, Ian Ian Adair Lecture-Demonstration
Adair, Ian Magical Menu Course Three Illusions
Adams, S.S. Co. Magical Mysteries
Adolphus Coincidentalism
Alan, Don Close-Up Time
Alan, Don Pretty Sneaky
Alan, Don Professional Presentation of the Chop Cup
Albenice Reel Magic
Alborough, John Mainly Manipulative Magic
Albright, Howard P Advanced Card Magic
Alford, Jason & Jack Parker Ashes to Ashes
Alford, Jason Cyber Sessions
Alford, Jason Deal or No Deal
Alford, Jason Freebie 5
Alford, Jason Freebie 7
Alford, Jason Freebie 8
Alford, Jason Thinking And Wondering
Allen, CC The Legend of Mac McDonald
Allen, Jon Simple Magic Tricks
Allen, Ken Ken Allen's Do-It-Yourself Conferencia Nº 1
Allen, Ken T.I.P.S.
Allen, Steve Square One
Allen, Tom Tom Allen's Garden Path
Altgelt, Frederick Mind Magic
Amira, Pablo Mysteries Anywhere
Ammar, Michael 3D Rabbits by Gosh
Ammar, Michael Aspen Bar Magic
Ammar, Michael Command Performance Series Premier Issue
Ammar, Michael Command Performance Series 2
Ammar, Michael Complete Cups and Balls
Ammar, Michael Crazy Man's Handcuffs, The
Ammar, Michael Encore II (Command Performance Series 3)
Ammar, Michael Encore 3
Ammar, Michael Fourth World Lecture Tour
Ammar, Michael Lecture Notes April May Lectures 1981
Ammar, Michael Magical Arts Journal
Ammar, Michael Magical Arts Journal (edición individual)
Ammar, Michael The Magic of Michael Ammar L&L Publishing, Tahoma, California 1991
Ammar, Michael Notes de Conférence, Version 2004 (En Francés)
Ammar, Michael Paul Harris The Act
Ammar, Michael Spanish Lecture 2007 (En castellano)
Ammar, Michael Success and Magic Progress Guide
Ammar, Michael Third National Tour Notes
Anderson, Gene & Francis Marshall Newspaper Magic
Anderson, Gene Topper's Mad, Mad Magic
Anderson, George George B. Anderson's Lecture Notebook
Anderson, George It Must Be Mind Reading
Anderson, George Magic Digest: Fun Magic for Everyone
Anderson, Harry The Last Monte
Anderson, Scott 40 Tricks with a Hot Rod
Andrade, Will (Charles A. Prince) 70 Simple card Tricks (1935)
Andrews, Carl Magic From Maui
Andrews, Max Magic Magazine Volumen 1 (1950)
Andrews, Max Sixteen Thumbtie Gems
Andrews, Val Shortcut to Showmanship
Andrews, Val Simplicity, Audacity, and Bluff
Andrews, Val Murray
Andrus, Jerry Card Control (Volúmenes 1 y 2)
Andrus, Jerry Five Dollar Trix
Andrus, Jerry More Sleightly Slanted
Andrus, Jerry Up Close with Andrus
Annemann, Theodore 202 Methods of Forcing
Annemann, Theodore Anneman's Buried Treasure
Annemann, Theodore Anneman's Card Miracles
Annemann, Theodore Annemann's Card Magic (contains both Card Miracles and Full Deck)
Annemann, Theodore Annemann's Enigma (Colección en cd)
Annemann, Theodore (J.J. Cummins, Ed) Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
Annemann, Theodore Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic
Annemann, Theodore Annemann's Mental Bargain Effects
Annemann, Theodore Annemann's Practical Mental Magic (Effects)
Annemann, Theodore Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine
Annemann, Theodore En Rapport
Annemann, Theodore Practical Mental Magic (también conocido como Practical Mental Effects)
Annemann, Theodore Shhhh... It's a Secret
Annemann, Theodore The Book Without a Name
Anonymous 125 Tricks With Cards or Sleight of Hand
Arch, Dave All New Tricks for Trainers
Archer, Danny 3 Ball Routine
Archer, Danny On Target
Archer, Danny Still Working Alone
Archer, Danny Working Alone
Armour, R (editor) Magic of the Scottish Conjurer's Association
Army, Dan Black
Arneson, D.J. Doctor Graves Magic Book
Aronson, Simon Aronson Approach
Aronson, Simon Bound To Please
Aronson, Simon Lecture Notes
Aronson, Simon The Card Ideas Of Simon Aronson
Aronson, Simon Simply Simon
Arrowsmith, G.E. Arrowsmith's Assorted Mysteries
Arrowsmith, G.E. Magical Mentalia
Arrowsmith, G.E. Magical Originalia
Arthur, R.E. The New Look for the Magic Show
Asher, Lee Catch 33
Asher, Lee Close Cover Before Striking
Asher, Lee Hand Jobs
Asher, Lee Le Asher
Asher, Lee Pulp Friction
Asher, Lee Sex Sells
Asher, Lee Thinking Out Loud
Atkins, Jeffery Jeffery Atkins Conferencia, Demonstration The Atkins Touch
Atkins, Jeffery Jeffery Atkins Conferencia, Demonstration British Made Magic
Atkins, Jeffery Jeffery Atkins Conferencia, Demonstration Magic Medley
Austin, Guy K. Practical Magic with Popular Patter
Ayling, William Art of Illusion
Ayling, William Genie Presentations
Ayling, William Knowing the Chop Cup
Ayling, William Knowing the Egg Bag
Ayling, William Knowing the Rising Cards
Ayling, William Knowing the Ropes
Ayling, William Oriental Conjuring and Magic
Autor Título
Bagshawe, Edward Edward Proudlock's Version of the Sympathetic Silks
Bagshawe, Edward Exclusive Problems in Magic
Bagshawe, Edward Novel Mysteries (1940)
Bagshawe, Edward Twenty Magical Novelties (1930)
Bailey, S. Wilson & Harold Osborne Wrinkles
Baker, Al Al Baker's Book
Baker, Al Al Baker's Book Two
Baker, Al Al Baker's Magical Ways And Means
Baker, Al Mental Magic
Baker, Al Our Mysteries
Baker, Al Pet Secrets
Baker, Al (Todd Karr, editor) The Secret Ways of Al Baker
Baker, Bob Shared Thoughts
Baker, Ken 21 Himber Wallet Routines
Baker, Red & Milt Larsen The Wit Parade Number One
Baker, Roy Baker's Brainwaves
Baker, Roy Baker's Capers
Baker, Roy Yell-up For Kids
Banachek Presents His 2005 Series de conferencias
Bandy, Albert All About Linking Rings
Bannon, John Dear Mr. Fantasy
Bannon, John Impossibilia
Bannon, John Six Impossible Things.
Bannon, John Smoke & Mirrors
Barkann, Roger Patent Pending
Barnhart, Norm Amazing Magic Tricks Beginner Level
Barnhart, Norm Amazing Magic Tricks Apprentice Level
Barnhart, Norm Amazing Magic Tricks Expert Level
Barnhart, Norm Amazing Magic Tricks Master Level
Barnhart, Russell T. The Master Palm
Barnhart, Russell T. Two Second Deals
Barnowsky, Larry 21st Century Coin Mechanics
Barnowsky, Larry Kingdom of the Red
Barrows, Jack An Introduction to Magic
Barry, Dick Magic With Class
Barry, Sheila Anne Tricks & Stunts to Fool Your Friends
Barton, Fred The Land of Make Believe
Bartram, Richard Jr. Close-Up of the Damned
Batchelor, Tom Canadian Card Control
Bauer, Ron Complete Don Alan's Chop Cup (The)
Bauer, Ron Devano Card Rise
Bauer, Ron Dixie
Bauer, Ron Horn-Swoggled Again
Bauer, Ron Xerox Money
Baxt, Robbert Stabbed In the Baxt
Baxter, Ian Ten on Deck
Beam, Steve Digital Effects, the Magic of Joe Mogar
Beam, Steve Magic for the British Aisles
Beam, Steve Magic with No Entertainment Value II
Beam, Steve Semi-Automatic Card Tricks I
Beam, Steve Semi-Automatic Card Tricks II
Beam, Steve Semi-Automatic Card Tricks III
Beam, Steve Semi-Automatic Card Tricks IV
Beam, Steve Semi-Automatic Card Tricks V
Beam, Steve Semi-Automatic Card Tricks VI
Beam, Steve Semi-Automatic Card Tricks VII
Beam, Steve Semi-Automatic Card Tricks VIII
Beam, Steve Steve Beam on Coins Volumen II
Beam, Steve The Trapdoor Volume One
Beaumont, Henry The Famous Three Shell Game
Becker, Fred Animated Magic
Becker, Larry Magic Castle Conferencia 1984
Becker, Larry Myth Mash
Becker, Larry Stunners...La conferencia
Becker, Larry Stunners Plus
Becker, Larry World of Super Mentalism Book One
Becker, Larry World of Super Mentalism Book Two
Behnke, Leo The Collected Mental Secrets of C.A. George Newman
Behnke, Leo Entertaining Close-Up
Behnke, Leo Impromptu Magic From the Magic Castle
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 1: Rope Magic
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 2: Linking Rings
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 3: Cups and Balls
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 4: Canes
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 5: Milk Pitcher
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 6: Folding Coin
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 7: Force Decks
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 8: Bill Tube
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 9: Sponge Magic
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 10: Dime & Penny
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 11: Spring Flowers
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 12: Card Boxes
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 13: Egg Bag
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 14: Trick Decks
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 15: Reels
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 16: Wands
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 17: Dove Pan
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 18: Change Bags
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 19: Flash Paper
Behnke, Leo Magic City Library of Magic 20: Zombie
Behnke, Leo Party Magic from the Magic Castle
Behnke, Leo Thread Reference
Behr, Denis Handcrafted Card Magic
Bell, Ron If This Be Magic Let It Be An Art
Bellman, Dan Cheerful Conjuring
Benatar, Rafael Castle Notes 2004
Benatar, Rafael Double-Card Technique Notas de conferencia
Benatar, Rafael Three Professional Card Routines
Bender, Carol Choose One From Column A
Bengel, Richard Best of Spades
Bengel, Richard Getting Back to Basics
Bennett, Doug Business Merger
Bennett, Doug Extra Sensory Deceptions
Bennett, Horace Bennett's Best
Bennett, Horace Bennett's Fourth Book
Bennett, Horace Familiar Themes
Bennett, Horace Magic Afoot
Bennett, Horace On Your Feet
Benzais, John The Best of Benzais
Berg, Harvey The Fermi Chronicles
Berg, Joe & Nelson Hahne Here's Magic
Berg, Joe Here's New Magic
Berg, Joe, David Avadon, Eric Lewis The Berg Book
Bergeron, Beverly Willard the Wizard
Berland, Samuel Amazing Tricks With Paper Cups
Berland, Samuel Berland's Blue Ribbon Card Tricks
Berland, Samuel Berland's Thimble Routine
Berland, Samuel Berland's Twenty Tricks with Wiztax
Berland, Samuel Match-Effex
Berland, Samuel & Rediscovering Wiztax
Bernstein, Bruce Going South With His Secrets
Bernstein, Bruce Twenty Effects for Psychic Entertainers
Bertini, Giacomo Sleights of Coin
Bertram, Charles A Magician In Many Lands
Bertram, Ross Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram
Bey, Mohammed Okito Coin Box Routines
Bich, Mathieu Mathieu Bich, (soporte en PDF)
Bilis, Bernard Close Up, French Style
Bilis, Bernard French Pasteboards
Binarelli, Tony Playmagic
Bingham, Euan Cardboard Capers
Biow, Dick The Sponge Ball King's Cups and Balls
Bird, Malcolm and Alan Dart The Magic Handbook
Biro, Pete Pete Biro Lecture Nº 1
Biro, Pete Son of Greater Magic Volumen uno
Bixby, Bill 50 Magic Tricks
Blackstone, Harry Sr. Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks and Secrets of Magic
Blackstone, Harry My Secrets of Magic
Blackstone, Harry Blackstone's Secrets of Magic
Blackstone, Harry Blackstone's Tricks Anyone Can Do
Blackstone, Harry Sr. Easy Magic for Everyone
Blaisdell, Frank More of Magic
Blake, George, et al. Routines With the Himber Style Linking Finger Ring
Blake, George Loopy Loop, A Treatise on the Endless Chain
Bloom, Gaetan Boite a idees (En francés)
Bloom, Gaetan Gaetan Bloom 1999
Bloom, Gaetan Gaetan Bloom Series Nº 1
Bloom, Gaetan Gaetan Bloom Top Chrono
Blythe, Will Paper Magic (1923)
Bobo, J.B. New Modern Coin Magic
Bobo, J.B. Watch This One!
Boles, Dan Midway Magic
Bongo, Ali Bongo's Bazaar, (Notas de conferencia)
Bongo, Ali Lecture Notes for Ali Bongo's Pongolian Delights
Bongo, Ali The Bongo Book
Booth, Eric Magic Is In The Mind
Booth, John Extending Magic Beyond Credibility
Booth, John Marvels of Mystery
Born, John Natural Born Killa's
Bornstein, Mike Encyclopedia of Money Magic
Bortz, Gerald John Reaching and Teaching Kids
Boudreau, Leo Psimatrika
Boudreau, Leo Skullduggery
Boudreau, Leo Spirited Pasteboards
Bouffard, James Charles, Psy.D., Ph.D. The Magician's Fight
Bradbook, Julian Bar Tricks and Magic 1
Brahams, Anthony Fred Kaps' Cups and Balls, As Taught to Trevor Lewis
Brahams, Anthony Fred Kaps' Currency
Brahams, Anthony Karl Norman 40 Years at the Forks
Brahams, Anthony Ken Brooke's Magic Place
Branch, Justin Progressive Card Magic
Brandt, Howard Three Shell and a Pea
Branson, Major LH Indian Conjuring
Braue, Fred Fred Braue on False Deals
Bree, Loris Kid's Magic Secrets
Brent, Lu Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks
Brent, Lu Novel Magic
Brewer, Doug Coin Box Killers
Brewer, Doug High Impact Card Magic
Brewer, Doug High Impact Coin Magic
Brewer, Doug Modern Coin Cup
Brewer, Doug Unexpected Visitors
Britland, David y Marc Russell Cardopolis
Britland, David y Gazzo Phantoms of the Card Table
Britland, David Psycho-Mancy
Britland, David Terri Rogers' Star Gate
Brodien, Marshall 101 Card Tricks
Bronstrup, Dr. Charles L. II Showlines and Snappy Bits
Brooke, Ken A Lifetime of Joy
Brooke, Ken Ken Brooke and Friends and the Malini Egg Bag
Brooke, Ken Ken Brooke's Magic the Unique Years
Brooke, Ken The Ken Brooke Series Number 8
Brown, Bob Magical Miscellany II: Jottings of a Generalist
Brown, Bob Two Extra Acts and a Few Good Tricks
Brown, Derren Pure Effect: Direct Mindreading and Magical Artistry
Brown, Ed The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser
Brown, Floyd D. 25 Methods for Switching Decks
Buck, Dan and Dave Five: The Notes
Buck, Dan and Dave Nursery Rhymes Volumen 1
Buck, Dan and Dave Nursery Rhymes Volumen 2
Buck, Dan and Dave Nursery Rhymes Volumen 3
Buck, Dan and Dave Sleightly Magical
Buckingham, Geoffrey It's Easier Than You Think (Volumen único)
Buckingham, Geoffrey It's Easier Than You Think Volumen 1
Buckingham, Geoffrey It's Easier Than You Think Volumen 2
Buckingham, Geoffrey It's Easier Than You Think Volumen 3
Buckley, Arthur H Buckley Trilogy: Gems of Mental Magic
Buckley, Arthur H Buckley Trilogy: Principles and Deceptions
Buckley, Arthur H Card Control: Practical Methods and Forty Original Card Experiments
Buffaloe, Jim Buffaloe'd: The Magic of Jim Buffaloe
Buonocore, Bud How?
Burger, Eugene Audience Involvement
Burger, Eugene The Craft of Magic
Burger, Eugene The Experience of Magic
Burger, Eugene Growing In the Art of Magic
Burger, Eugene Intimate Power
Burger, Eugene & Robert E. Neale Magic and Meaning
Burger, Eugene Mastering the Art of Magic
Burger, Eugene Matt Schulien's Fabulous Card Discoveries
Burger, Eugene The Performance of Close Up Magic
Burger, Eugene The Secret of Restaurant Magic
Burger, Eugene Secrets and Mysteries for the Close Up Entertainer
Burger, Eugene Solomon's Mind, The Card Mysteries of David Solomon
Burlingame, Hardin J Herrmann The Magician
Burlingame, Price Jerry Salazar Chinese Linking Rings
Busby, Jeff Larry Jennings on Card and Coin Handling
Busby, Jeff Michael Skinner's Intimate Magic
Busby, Jeff Shigeo Takagai's One Cup Routine & New One Cup Routine
Autor Título
Cameron, Charles W. Devil's Diary
Cameron, Charles W. Handbook of Horror
Cameron, Charles W. Macabre and Mental Mysteries
Cameron, Charles W. Witches Brew
Campbell, Loring This is Magic
Cannell, John Clucas Modern Conjuring for Amateurs
Cannell, John Clucas The Secrets of Houdini
Carey, Elwyn Chris Do The Stuff That's You
Carl, James Practical Conjuring (1911)
Carlisle, Stanton Dynamic Mentalism
Carlisle, Stanton Mentalism de Luxe
Carlson, Laurie Harry Houdini for Kids
Carney, John Carney Knowledge
Carney, John The Book of Secrets
Carpenter, Jack Steve Mayhew's Angels May Shuffle But The Devil Still Deals
Carroll, Don Feats of Memory
Carroll, Harrison The Shell Game
Carroll, Jose 52 Lovers, (52 amantes)
Carton, Bernard Conjuring for Connoisseurs
Caruba, Bill The Magic of Folding Money
Casaubon, Dr. George E. Deceptions With a Short Card
Cassidy, Robert E. Principia Mentalia Fire
Cassidy, Robert E. The Art of Mentalism 2
Caveney, Mike Ideas, A Lecture
Caveney, Mike Magicomedy
Cecil, Harry Magic That Perks
Cerceda, Adolfo and William King Folding Money Plus Make Money Selling Money
Cervon, Bruce The Cervon File
Cervon, Bruce The Cervon Monte
Cervon, Bruce Ultra Cervon
Cestkowski, Jerry The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes
Chanin, Jack Encyclopedia of Sleeving
Chanin, Jack Further Adventures of the Seven In One
Chanin, Jack Grand Finale Silks At Your Fingertips
Chanin, Jack Hello, Sucker
Chanin, Jack Hello, Sucker! Encyclopedia of the 3 Shell Game
Chanin, Jack J.C. Cigar Magic Cigar Manipulations
Chanin, Jack J.C. Coin Routines - Handle With Gloves
Chanin, Jack Jaysee Silk Color Change Supreme
Chapman, Frank Three Six Bits
Chapman, Frank Twenty Stunners With a Nail Writer
Charles, Kirk Standing Up Surrounded
Charles, Kirk Tips on Table Hopping
Chesbro, Bob The Tipnician
Christian, Magic A Magic Lecture
Christian, Magic Lecture Magic
Christopher, Milbourne Fifty Tricks With a Thumbtip
Christopher, Milbourne Houdini - The Untold Story
Christopher, Milbourne Magic A Picture History
Christopher, Milbourne y Hen Fetsch Magic At Your Fingertips
Christopher, Milbourne Magic From M-U-M
Christopher, Milbourne Milbourne Christopher's Magic Book
Christopher, Milbourne The Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book of Magic
Christopher, Milbourne Tips on Tricks
Clark, Keith Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks
Close, Michael Closely Guarded Secrets
Close, Michael Workers 1
Close, Michael Workers 2
Close, Michael Workers 3
Close, Michael Workers 4
Close, Michael Workers 5
Cohen, Al Magical Mish-Mosh And Other Shtik
Cohen, Al Magical Mish-Mosh (And Other Tricky Trivia)
Cohen, Al Thimble Rigging
Collier, L.C. A Three Ring Routine
Collier, L.C. Big Ring on String
Collier, L.C. Complete Two Ball Sponge Ball Routine
Collier, L.C. Full Circle Rope Routine
Collins, A. Frederick The Book of Magic
Collins, Stanley A Conjuring Melange
Collins, Stanley Original Magical Creations
Colombini, Aldo A Set Up With Aldo
Colombini, Aldo Impact
Conn, Doug Conn-juring
Conn, Doug Connsolidated Connundrums
Copper, Ger Presents Magic From Holland
Cornelius, John Magic of John Cornelius Conferencia Nº 1
Costello, Matthew J Magic Everywhere
Crandall, Clarke How to Stack Dice for Fun and No $
Crandall, Clarke Now You Can Get the Best of Senator Crandall
Craven, Tom Jon Quines B.S. timations
Craven, Tom Presents Magic You Can Do, Notas de conferencia
Craven, Tom The Card Magic of John Quine
Crayford, Charles T The Fifty Best Conjuring Tricks
Creceda, Alolfo & William King Folding Money Plus Make Money Selling Money
Cremer, W.H. Magic No Mystery (1876)
Criswell, Chastain From the Stall
Cros, Daniel Close-Up Magic of Daniel Cros
Cros, Daniel Magic by Request
Croskery, Bob Forsythe The Magic Profit Primer
Crosthwaite, Roger Card Notes
Crow, Raymonde As the Crow Flies
Crow, Raymonde The Bird's Eye
Cummins, Paul W y Doc Eason Fusillade: A Treatise on the Multiple Selection Routine
Cummins, Paul Tricks of My Trade, The Magic of Doug Conn
Curry, Paul Magician's Magic
Curry, Paul Special Effects
Cyprian, Father, (Padre Cyprian) Stand Up Close
Autor Título
Dalal, Sam The Magic of Mahadevananda
Dalal, Sam Three Color Changing Pen Knife (White, Black, Red)
Dancy, Luke On the Floor
Daniels, Paul Magic for Adults
Darbyshire, Lydia (editor) The Magic Book
Darci, Steve The Master Routines
Darci, Steve & Sid Lorraine Penny Fantasy Plus Tricks With Micro-Penny
D'Arcy, Peter Children's Parties a Specialty
Darling, Aage I'll Read Your Mind
Darwin, Gary Darwin's 101 Thumb Tip Tricks
Darwin, Gary Darwin's Close Up Miracles
Darwin, Gary Darwin's Thumb Tip Miracles
Darwin, Gary Darwin's Thumb Tip Secrets 1
Darwin, Gary Thumb Tip Thinking
Daryl Convention Session 1, Notas de conferencia
Daryl Daryl Does Den Haag
Daryl Daryl's Psychological Assembly or The Jolly Jumping Jokers
Daryl Fooler Droolers
Daryl New Millennium World Tour
Daryl Something for Everyone, Conferencia mágica 2
Dawes, Edwin & Arthur Setterington The Book of Magic
Day, Jon Let's Make Magic
Dayton, Ron A Conjuror's Collage
Dayton, Ron One of a Kind Magic
Dayton, Ron Professor's Nightmare The Awakening
Dayton, Ron Ropes With a Different Twist
Dean, Dicky The Dean Speaks
Dean, George Magic Everyone Else Isn't Doing
Dean, Jack FouRings
DeBarros, Jules The Coins of Ishtar
De Courcy, Ken Australian Gambling Game of 31
De Courcy, Ken Even Stephen
De Courcy, Ken Genial Improbabilities
De Courcy, Ken One Dream Bottle
De Courcy, Ken & Duke Stern Royal Magic Nimble Thimbles
DeKram, Dr. A.C. Secrets of the DeKram Deck
DeLawrence, Geo Modern Card Effects and How to Perform Them
DeLawrence, Geo Some Card Effects and Magical Talks
Delvin, Jack Magic of the Masters
Denhard, Harold How to Do Rope Tricks
Derman, Lou Add Comedy To Your Act
Derris, John (editor) Come A Little Closer
DeSouza, Marc The Art of Artifice
DeSouza, Marc Let's Fake a Deal
DeSouza, Marc Tricks I Have Turned
DeSouza, Marc Tri-Fecta
David, Devant Magic Made Easy
Devant, David & Nevil Maskelyne Our Magic
Deveen, David Cigarette Magic and Manipulation
Devil Devil's Notas de conferencia
Dewey, Ralph Dewey's Amusing Rubber Antics
Dewey, Ralph Dewey's Basic Balloon Sculpturing Course
Dewey, Ralph Dewey's Gospel Balloon Routines 1
Dewey, Ralph Dewey's Gospel Clown Skits 1
Dewey, Ralph Dewey's NEW Balloon Animals
Dexter, Will 131 Magic Tricks for Amateurs
Dexter, Will Famous Magic Secrets
Dexter, Will Feature Magic for Mentalists
Dexter, Will Sealed Vision
Dexter, Will This Is Magic
Dhotel, Jules, M.D. Magic With Small Apparatus
Diamond, Paul Curtain Call: The Final Lecture of Paul Diamond
Diamond, Paul Mister Humble and Friends Impromptu Magic
Diamond, Paul Paul Diamond Entertains
Diamond, Paul Paul Diamond's Gambling Expose: "The Real Work"
Diamond, Paul Paul Diamond's Lecture Notes Misc. Magic
Diamond, Ronald C. The Complete Guide to The Miracle Cups and Coins
Diamond, Todd y Michael Wild Bar Magician
Dingle, Derek Additional Deceptions from Derek Dingle, Notas de conferencia Nº 2
Dingle, Derek More Additional Deceptions, Notas de conferenciaNº 3
Dixon, Doc Everything Is Funnier With Monkeys
Dixon, Doc MonkeyShines Volume One
Docherty, Doc et al East Coast Super Session Book One
Docherty, Doc The Cards Remain the Same
Dobson, Wayne Pro-File
Dodson, Goodlette Exhibition Card Fans
Doggett R.L. (Dr. Bob) Close-Up Easy Stuff A Lecture
Doherty, Paul Ph.D. and John Cassidy Magnetic Magic
Dornfield, Werner C. Dorny on Trix
Dornfield, Werner C. Trix & Chatter
Douglas, Bert Master Club Tricks With Patter
Downs, Thomas Nelson Modern Coin Manipulation
Downs, Thomas Nelson The Art of Magic
Draun, Steve The Magic of Steve Draun
Driscoll, Bruce y Sam Koobrick Versatility Coin Set
Duffie, Peter 4 Most
Duffie, Peter Applications
Duffie, Peter Card Addict
Duffie, Peter Card Compulsions
Duffie, Peter y Robin Robertson Card Conspiracy Volumen 1
Duffie, Peter y Robin Robertson Card Conspiracy Volumen 2
Duffie, Peter Card Magic USA
Duffie, Peter y Jerry Sadowitz Contemporary Card Magic
Duffie, Peter Celtic Cabal
Duffie, Peter y Robin Robertson Diamonds from Coal
Duffie, Peter Dave Campbell Legacy
Duffie, Peter Decknology
Duffie, Peter Effortless Card Magic
Duffie, Peter (editor) England Up Close
Duffie, Peter Hidden Agenda
Duffie, Peter (editor) Mind Blasters II
Duffie, Peter Scotland Up Close
Duffie, Peter Trio
Dunninger, Joseph Dunninger's Book of Magic
Dunninger, Joseph What's On Your Mind?
Dusheck, Steve Dusheck's Close-Up Magic
Dusheck, Steve Dusheck's Coin Magic
Dyke, Van Fun With Balloons


Earle, Lee Melange a Trois
Earle, Lee On Second Thought
Earle, Lee Pieces of My Mind
Earle, Lee Syzygy
Earle, Lee Syzygy's Best
Easley, Bert and Eric P. Wilson Doing Magic for Youngsters
Eason, Doc A Shot in the Act
Eastman, Charles C. Choice Magic
Eastman, Charles C. French's Mysteries
Eastman, Charles C. Lu Brent's Exclusive Card Mysteries
Eastman, Charles C. More Manipulative Magic
Eastman, Charles C. Winner's All and Take a Look
Eaton, Jeff Here's Rodney
Edmundson, Gerald Jocomo's Best Kept Secrets of Card Magic
Edmundson, Gerald The Ostrich Factor: A Practice Guide for Magicians
Edwards, Doug Brass Knuckles, Hard Hitting Magic
Einhorn, Nicholas How to Learn 101 Magic Tricks
Einhorn, Nicholas The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic
Eldin, Peter Silver, Copper, Brass Routines
Eldin, Peter The Magic Handbook
Elliott, Bruce Best in Magic, or Magic 100 New Tricks
Elliott, Bruce Classic Secrets of Magic
Elliott, Bruce Magic as a Hobby
Elliott, Bruce Professional Magic Made Easy
Emerson, Arthur J., Jr. Arthur Emerson's 'S Witch Craft
Emerson, Arthur J., Jr. The Second Evening at the Magic Circle
Enardoe Color Changing Knives
Enochs, E. Lloyd Master Manipulation of Thimbles
Erdnase, S.W. The Expert at the Card Table
Evans, Jay Lecture Notes of Roger Klause (The), (Notas de conferencia)
Evans, Jay Lloyd The Other Side of the Coin
Evans, Val Patter, Gags, and Bits of Business for Magicians (1935)
Evans, Val Stacks and Stacks of Cards
Autor Título
Fabian Burtini's Linking Rings Routine
Fabjance, John What You Need To Know About the Svengali Deck
Fajuri, Gabe Cups & Balls: A Treatise on the World's Oldest Deception
Fantasio Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Fantasio Magic With Canes & Candles
Fantasio My Canes and Candles
Fare, Jean Card Tricks, French Style
Farelli, Victor Convincing Coin Magic
Farelli, Victor (Editor) Four Little Beans by John Ramsay
Farelli, Victor John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins
Farmer, Bob Beat'em Cheat'em Leave'em Bleedin
Farmer, Bob Deja Voodoo
Farmer, Bob Headhunter
Farmer, Bob Tsunami
Fayne, Chuck A Bald-Faced Liar, Lecture 85.2
Fearson, Steve Cards Pack
Fearson, Steve Presents Lecture Notes 2
Fedko, John Magic Classics
Fedko, John Magic Classics II
Fedko, John Magic Classics VI
Ferris, Ron Ferris Wheels and Deals
Fetsch, Hen Chinatown Quarter Magic
Fetsch, Hen Magic With Canes
Fields, Keith Magic Tricks
Fischer, Ottokar Illustrated Magic
Fisher, Aaron The Paper Engine
Fitzgerald, Tom Snappy Magic As You Like It
Fitzkee, Dariel Magic By Misdirection
Fitzkee, Dariel Rings In Your Fingers
Fitzkee, Dariel Rope Eternal, or The Only Six Ways to Restore A Rope
Fitzkee, Dariel Showmanship for Magicians
Fitzkee, Dariel The Trick Brain
Fleishman, Sid The Blue Bug
Fleishman, Sid The Charlatan's Handbook
Fleming, Paul The Paul Fleming Book Reviews Volumen III
Fleshman, Dan Close Up with Dan Fleshman
Fleshman, Dan Close Up With Dan Fleshman Conferencia Nº 2
Fleshman, Dan Coin Miracles
Fleshman, Dan The Very Best, Yet
Ford, Leonard A. Chemical Magic
Forrest, Albert The Eighth Wonder
Forrest, David Quickfire
Forrest, David Ripped & Repaired
Foster, Neil (Editor) TOPS 1962 Trick Annual
Foster, Neil (Editor) TOPS 1963 Trick Annual
Fox, Karrell AbraKFox
Fox, Karrell Another Book
Fox, Karrell Clever Like a Fox
Fox, Karrell Final Edition
Fox, Karrell For My Next Trick
Fox, Karrell Karrell Fox Lecture Notes
Fox, Karrell New Trix for 86, Notas de conferencia
Fox, Karrell Simply Magic, Notas de conferencia
Frailich, Ariel Card Stories
Frame, Lawrence Close Up Framework
Frame, Tom Framed
Frame, Tom Scary Hotels
Frank, Gary Classic Color Changing Knives and Paddle Routines
Fraps, Thomas, et. al. (Flicking Fingers) 7 Close-Up
Fraps, Thomas, et. al. (Flicking Fingers) The Book or Don't Forget to Point
Friedhoffer, Bob How to Haunt a House for Halloween
Friedhoffer, Bob Magic Tricks, Science Facts
Friedhoffer, Bob The Magic Show
Fromer, Roy The Cups: A Manual of Cups & Balls Magic
Frost, Ron Lecture Notes
Frost, Ron Tricks From the Wax Museum
Fulves, Karl Big Book of Magic Tricks
Fulves, Karl Cards 3 Interlock
Fulves, Karl Card Counting
Fulves, Karl Card Under Glass
Fulves, Karl Charles Jordon's Best Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl Children's Magic Kit
Fulves, Karl Coe Norton's Omega Wallet
Fulves, Karl Color Quik
Fulves, Karl Contemporary Handkerchief Magic
Fulves, Karl Contemporary Handkerchief Magic Part Two
Fulves, Karl Crooked Tales
Fulves, Karl Cryptology
Fulves, Karl Easy Magic
Fulves, Karl Easy to Do Card Tricks for Children
Fulves, Karl Easy to Do Magic Tricks for Children
Fulves, Karl Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl Foolproof Card Tricks for the Amateur Magician
Fulves, Karl FourCast
Fulves, Karl Four Color Problems
Fulves, Karl Gambler's Third Lesson
Fulves, Karl Magic of Slydini...And More
Fulves, Karl Mexican Monte and Other Tricks
Fulves, Karl More Self Working Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl My Best Self Working Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl New Self-Working Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl Origins
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Coin Magic
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Handkerchief Magic
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Mental Magic
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Number Magic
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Paper Magic
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Rope Magic
Fulves, Karl Self-Working Table Magic
Fulves, Karl The Children's Magic Kit
Fulves, Karl Wireless II
Furman, Irv Amazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic
Furst, Arnold Notas de conferencia Nº 1
Furst, Arnold Notas de conferencia de Shigeo Futugawa
Futagawa, Shigeo Introduction to Coin Magic
Autor Título
Galloway, Andrew The Ramsay Legend
Ganson, Lewis A Magician Explains
Ganson, Lewis A New Look at Card Fans
Ganson, Lewis A New Look At the Okito Box
Ganson, Lewis The Art of Close Up Volumen 1
Ganson, Lewis The Art of Close Up Volumen 2
Ganson, Lewis Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic
Ganson, Lewis Bernard's Lesson on Dice Stacking
Ganson, Lewis Card Magic By Manipulation
Ganson, Lewis Colombini's Cups and Balls
Ganson, Lewis y Aldo Colombini Colombini's Rings Supreme
Ganson, Lewis Colour Changing Pocket Knife Trick
Ganson, Lewis Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic Part One
Ganson, Lewis Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic Part Two
Ganson, Lewis Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic Part Three
Ganson, Lewis The Entertaining Card Magic of Cy Endfield (incluye partes 1, 2, y 3)
Ganson, Lewis Expert Manipulation of Cards
Ganson, Lewis The Floating and Dancing Cane
Ganson, Lewis The Hindu Thread Trick
Ganson, Lewis The Immaculate Card Magic of Walt Lees
Ganson, Lewis The Magic of Slydini
Ganson, Lewis Magic of the Mind
Ganson, Lewis y Mark Weston Mark Weston's Continuous Cigarette Production
Ganson, Lewis Matching the Cards
Ganson, Lewis Routined Manipulation Volúmenes I y II
Ganson, Lewis Routined Manipulation Finale
Ganson, Lewis Rovi Reveals
Ganson, Lewis The Sympathetic Silks
Ganson, Lewis The Three Card Monte As Entertainment
Ganson, Lewis Three Chinese Rings
Ganson, Lewis Two In the Hand and One In the Pocket
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernon Book of Magic
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernon's Inner Secrets of Card Magic
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings
Ganson, Lewis Dai Vernon's Ultimate Card Secrets
Ganson, Lewis Werry's Fantastic Thimbles
Ganson, Lewis Zombie
Garcia, Daniel Blueprints
Garcia, Daniel Next
Garcia, Frank The Close Up Magic of Frank Garcia Parte I
Garcia, Frank The Close Up Magic of Frank Garcia Parte II
Garcia, Frank Frank Garcia's Billiard Balls
Garcia, Frank Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls
Garcia, Frank y George Schindler Magic With Cards
Garcia, Frank Wild Card Miracles
Gardner, Martin 12 Tricks with a Borrowed Deck
Gardner, Martin After the Dessert
Gardner, Martin Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles
Gardner, Martin Match-Ic
Gardner, Martin Mathematical Carnival
Gardner, Martin Mathematical Circus
Gardner, Martin Mathematical Magic Show
Gardner, Martin Mathematics, Magic and Mystery
Gardner, Martin My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles
Gardner, Martin Over the Coffee Cups
Gardner, Martin Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers
Gardner, Martin Smart Science Tricks
Gardner, Martin Table Magic
Gardner, Martin The Incredible Dr. Matrix
Garenne, Henri The Art of Modern Conjuring
Garrett, Dan Closeup Connivery 1
Garrett, Dan Closeup Connivery 2
Garrett, Dan Teasers and Ticklers
Garrett, Dan Top 10, Notas de conferencia
Garrett, Teral 26 Living and Dead Tests
Gaultier, Camille, I.L.D. Magic Without Apparatus
Gazzo Street Cups and Balls
Geddes, Johnny Applause-Able Magic
Geddes, Johnny It Pays to Entertain Children, Notas de conferencia
Gibbard, Doug Doug's Deceits
Gibson, Walter The Conjuror's Magazine Volumen 5
Gibson, Walter Houdini's Escapes and Magic Volúmenes 1 y 2
Gibson, Walter Magic Explained
Gibson, Walter Magic With Science
Gibson, Walter Mastering Magic
Gibson, Walter The Master Magicians
Gibson, Walter Professional Magic for Amateurs
Gibson, Walter The New Magician's Manual
Gibson, Walter What's New In Magic
Gilbert, Alfred C. Handkerchief Tricks for Boys
Gilbert, Alfred C. Knots and Splices With Rope
Ginn, David Children Laugh Louder
Ginn, David Clown Magic
Ginn, David Comedy Linking Rings
Giobbi, Roberto Card College 1
Giobbi, Roberto Card College 2
Giobbi, Roberto Card College 3
Giobbi, Roberto Card College 4
Giobbi, Roberto Card College 5
Giobbi, Roberto Card College Light
Givans, Joe Magic from the Attic
Gladwin, Andi Another Bite of the Cherry: Cheetah's Handbook Volumen 2
Gladwin, Andi Sometimes It's Hard to be a Cardman
Gladwin, Andi Virtual Reality
Gloviczki, Peter The Magic of Peter Gloviczki, Notas de conferencia 1985
Gloviczki, Peter Peter Gloviczki, Notas de conferencia
Gloviczki, Peter The Lecture Notes First American Tour 1971
Gloye, Dr. Eugene The Table Book
Goldin, Horace Mysterious Tricks (1931)
Goldman, Bill Magic Bar & Grill
Goldstein, Phil Amperthand
Goldstein, Phil Blackpool, Notas de conferencia 1989
Goldstein, Phil Classic Tackler
Goldstein, Phil Fifth
Goldstein, Phil Focus
Goldstein, Phil Phil Goldstein Conferencia Convention
Goldstein, Phil The Blue Book of Mentalism
Goldstein, Phil The Green Book of Mentalism
Goldstein, Phil The Red Book of Mentalism
Goldstein, Phil The Violet Book of Mentalism
Goldstein, Phil The Yellow Book of Mentalism
Goldstein, Phil Thequal
Goldston, Will Annual of Magic 1915-16
Goldston, Will Easy Magic With Patter Part One
Goldston, Will Easy Magic With Patter Part Two
Goldston, Will Exclusive Magical Secrets
Goldston, Will Further Exclusive Magical Secrets
Goldston, Will Magician Annual 1907-08
Goldston, Will Magician Annual 1908-09
Goldston, Will Magician Annual 1909-10
Goldston, Will Magician Annual 1910-11
Goldston, Will Magician Annual 1911-12
Goldston, Will More Exclusive Magical Secrets
Goldston, Will More Tricks and Puzzles
Goldston, Will Tricks and Illusions
Goldston, Will The Young Conjuror
Goldston, Will The Young Conjuror Part 2
Goodwin, Bill Conferencia 1988
Gordon, Gene Gene Gordon's Magical Legacy
Gordon, Gene Gene Gordon's Routines Nº 1
Gordon, Gene Gene Gordon's Routines Nº 2
Govan, Barry e Ian Baxter The Blueprint Volumen 1
Govan, Barry e Ian Baxter The Blueprint Volumen 7
Govan, Barry Close Up Magic Restaurant Style
Graham, Walter B. How to Become a Magician for Fun and Profit
Grant, U.F. Bodies In Orbit
Grant, U.F. Chinese Magic and Illusions
Grant, U.F. Fifteen Great Illusions
Grant, U.F. Grant's Illusion Secrets
Grant, U.F. Grant's Nite Club Illusions
Grant, U.F. Grant's Patter Folio
Grant, U.F. Modern Levitations
Grant, U.F. Ninety Nine Tips & Gags
Grant, U.F. Secrets
Grant, U.F. Six Modern Levitations
Grant, U.F. Tricks for Kids Shows
Grant, U.F. Tricks With Hares
Grant, U.F. Victory Carton Illusions
Gravatt, Glenn 50 Modern Card Tricks You Can Do!
Gravatt, Glenn Gold Mine Of Magic
Green, Cliff Professional Card Magic
Green, Paul Take a Stroll With Me
Greene, Charles III 1996 Baltimore MD Lecture
Griffith, Tony Griff on Cards
Griffith, Tony Griff On Close-Up
Griffith, Tony Lecture Notes (circa 1980)
Grippo, Jimmy The Magic of Jimmy Grippo
Gross, Henry Pure Magic
Groves, David If Sleeves Could Talk... Una conferencia de Johnny Ace Palmer
Guastaferro, John One Degree
Guastaferro, John Second Storm
Gurest, Leslie P. Lecture, Demain
Guinn, Scott F. Belgian Blockbusters, The Magic of Peter Vanspauwen
Guinn, Scott F. Cops & Robbers
Guinn, Scott F. Great Scott! It's a Magic, Conferencia
Guinn, Scott F. Magic That's Fun...For Profit
Guinn, Scott F. My Best to You Volumen 2: Coins
Guinn, Scott F. My Best to You Volumen 3: Close-Up & Stand-Up
Gustafson, Dick The Spotlights's On You
Autor Título
Hades, Micky How to Make Flashes, Bangs, and Puffs of Smoke
Haines, Ronald 36 Tricks With FA-KO Cards
Hall, Trevor The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown
Hallas, Paul Best of Alchemy Card Magic (The)
Hallas, Paul Mental Mix
Hallas, Paul Mindful Mentalism 2
Hallas, Paul Mindful Mentalism 3
Hallas, Paul Totat Rides Again
Hallema, Flip An Exposure to the Flip Experience
Hallema, Flip Some Manuscriptricks
Hallett, David It's Not Magic
Hamilton, Steven Selected Magical Secrets
Hammond, Rae Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles
Hanky Panky Toys Street Magic
Harbottle, Kainoa Coinapalooza
Harbottle, Kainoa Coins on Edge
Hardy, Marvin Qualatex Presents Balloon Magic
Harlan, Dan Instant Classics
Harlan, Dan y Aaron Fisher The Sleight Album
Harkey, David y Eric Anderson A-Ha
Harkey, David y Ben Harris Simplicities
Harkey, David Simply Harkey
Harris, Ben 1 A.M. The Sequel
Harris, Ben Bands of Gold
Harris, Ben Friendly Fire
Harris, Ben Gellerism Revealed
Harris, Ben Mad Fax and Other Mysteries
Harris, Ben Magic From Which Memories Are Made
Harris, Ben New Directions Issue Two
Harris, Ben Off the Wall
Harris, Ben Premier Elastic Threat & Routines
Harris, Ben Singapore Lecture Notes 1985
Harris, Ben Supplement (New Directions)
Harris, Paul A Close-Up Kinda Guy
Harris, Paul Art of Astonishment, Volumen 1
Harris, Paul Art of Astonishment, Volumen 2
Harris, Paul Art of Astonishment, Volume n3
Harris, Paul Cardboard Connection
Harris, Paul Close-Up Entertainer
Harris, Paul Close-Up Fantasies Book I
Harris, Paul Close-Up Fantasies Book II
Harris, Paul Close-Up Fantasies Finale
Harris, Paul Close-Up Seductions
Harris, Paul Immaculate Connection (The)
Harris, Paul The Inner Circle
Harris, Paul Las Vegas Close-Up
Harris, Paul New Stars of Magic Presents The Immaculate Connection
Harris, Paul Paul Harris Reveals Some of His Most Intimate Secrets
Harris, Paul P.H. Break-Through
Harris, Paul P.H. Super Sampler (The)
Harris, Paul Super Magic
Harris, Paul y Tayari Casel Twilight
Hartman, J.K. 3 Collected Works of Jerry Hartman
Hartman, J.K. Card Dupery
Hartman, J.K. Packet Magic
Hartman, J.K. Trickery Treats
Hatton, Henry & Adrian Plate Magician's Tricks
Hawkesworth, Eric Practical Lessons In Magic
Hawthorne, Julian (Editor) Library of the World's Best Mystery and Detective Stories
Hay, Henry The Amateur Magician's Handbook
Hay, Henry Cyclopedia of Magic
Hay, Henry Learn Magic
Hayden, Allan Allan Hayden's Fancy Ring Routine
Hayden, Allan Card Sharp on Duty
Hayden, Allan Haydenizms
Hayden, Allan Number Two, Notas de conferencia
Haydn, Whit Four Ring Routine
Haydn, Whit Intricate Web of Distraction
Haydn, Whit y Chef Anton Notes on Fast and Loose
Haydn, Whit Notes on Three-Card Monte
Heath, Royal V Mathemagic
Heddle, Rebecca e Ian Keable Usborne Book of Magic Tricks
Hedges, Sid G. The Home Entertainer (1939)
Herman, Frank 12 Methods for Doing the Cut and Restored Nectie
Herman, Frank Your Money's Mirth
Herrmann, Alexander Herrmann's Wizard Manual
Herz, Bill (con Paul Harris) Secrets of The Astonishing Executive
Heuser, Jim (Editor) Another Lecture by Paul Diamond
Hill, Gordon (a.k.a. Peter Eldin) Card and Conjuring Tricks
Hilliar, William John Modern Magician's Handbook
Hilliard, John Greater Magic
Hilliard, John Hilliard's Card Magic
Hilliard, John The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard
Himber, Richard (Ed Levy, Editor) Richard Himber The Man and His Magic
Hines, George C. Modern Mysteries
Hoffmann, Professor Later Magic
Hoffmann, Professor Latest Magic
Hoffmann, Professor Magical Titbits
Hoffmann, Professor Modern Magic
Hoffmann, Professor More Magic
Hoffmann, Professor Tricks With Cards
Hofzinser, J.N. Hofzinser's Card Conjuring (de Ottokar Fischer y Karl Fulves)
Hofzinser, J.N. The Magic of J.N. Hofzinser (de Ottokar Fischer y Richard Hatch)
Holden, Max Manual of Juggling
Hollingsworth, Scott Simplex Coin Routine
Hollingworth, Guy Drawing Room Deceptions
Hollingworth, Guy Once Upon a Time
Holmes, Donald The Magic Art
Hooper, Edwin A Host of Surprises
Hooper, Edwin Edwin's Magic Finale
Hooper, Edwin Edwin's Magic Volumen 1
Hooper, Edwin Edwin's Magic Volumen 2
Hooper, Edwin et. al. Routined Acts
Hopkins, Alberta A. Magic Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions Including Trick Photography
Hopkins, Charles Out, Precautions and Challenges for Ambitious Card Workers
Hotowka, John Reveals Everything You Wanted to Know About Table-Hopping
Houdini, Harry A Magician Among the Spirits
Houdini, Harry Elliott's Last Legacy
Houdini, Harry Houdini's Paper Magic
Houdini, Harry Magical Rope Ties & Escapes
Houdini, Harry y Joseph Dunninger Magic and Mystery
Houdini, Harry Miracle Mongers and Their Methods
Houdini, Harry Unmasking of Robert-Houdin (The)
Howard, Rupert Rupert Howard Magic Course
Howatt, Gordon Let's Make Magic (Original)
Hugard, Jean Card Manipulations Series 1 a la 5
Hugard, Jean Close-Up Magic
Hugard, Jean Coin Magic
Hugard, Jean Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Hugard, Jean Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Hugard, Jean y Fred Braue Expert Card Technique
Hugard, Jean Mental Magic With Cards
Hugard, Jean Money Magic
Hugard, Jean y Fred Braue Miracle Methods Nº 1 The Stripper Deck
Hugard, Jean y Fred Braue Miracle Methods Nº 2 Miracle Shuffles and Tricks
Hugard, Jean y Fred Braue Miracle Methods Nº 3 Prepared Cards & Accessories
Hugard, Jean y Fred Braue Miracle Methods Nº 4 Tricks and Sleights
Hugard, Jean Modern Magic Manual
Hugard, Jean More Card Manipulations
Hugard, Jean Royal Road to Card Magic
Hugard, Jean Silken Sorcery
Hugard, Jean Thimble Magic
Hull, Burling 33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases
Hull, Burling Double Double Magic With Cards
Hull, Burling Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation Parte 1
Hull, Burling Fifty Sealed Message Reading Methods
Hull, Burling Master Sleights With Billiard Balls
Hull, Burling Original Slate Secrets
Hull, Burling Sealed Mysteries
Hull, Burling Sleights
Hull, R.W. y N.C. Hahne Modernism In Pasteboard
Hull, R.W. y N.C. Hahne Smart Magic
Hummer, Bob Half-A-Dozen Hummers
Hunter, Norman Successful Magic for Amateurs
Hurst, Andy and Ryan Matney The Foo Can...In Print
Hurst, Andy Project Latnem
Hurst, Daryl Party Pizazz
Autor Título
Ireland, L.L. ESP Handbook and Workshop Kit
Ireland, L.L. Ireland's Linking Ring Routine
Ireland, L.L. Ireland's Original Cup and Ball Routines
Ireland, L.L. Ireland Writes a Book
Ireland, L.L. Ireland's Yearbook 1961
Ireland, L.L. Ireland's Yearbook 1962
Autor Título
Jacques, Pierre Complete Course in Pick Pocketing
Jahn, Viggo Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
James, Stewart (Editor) Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks for Magicians (Vol 1)
James, Stewart First Call to Cards
James, Stewart Magic Mine Nº 1
Jay, Joshua A Teen's Routines
Jay, Joshua Five Forty Seven
Jay, Joshua Magic Atlas
Jay, Joshua Magic, The Complete Course
Jay, Joshua Rune's World
Jay, Joshua Troy Hooser's The Silver Surf Volumen 2
Jay, Phil Climbing the Ladder to Successful Close-Up Magic
Jaxon, Ron Bar Tab
Jeffreys, Michael Selling With Magic
Jensen, Jon Business Card Miracles
Jensen, Jon Monte Too
Jensen, Jon Professional Sponge Ball Tricks Volumen 1
Jensen, Jon Professional Sponge Ball Tricks Volumen 2
Jermay, Luke Building Blocks
Johnson, Anne Akers The Buck Book
Johnson, George A Few Jardine Ellis' Secrets
Johnson, George Magic of the Ancients
Johnson, Roy Everyman Cards
Johnson, Roy Feature Three
Johnson, Roy Lecture Extra
Johnson, Roy Roy Johnson Lecture Notes (The)
Johnson, Roy Second Time Around
Johnson, Roy Silver Special
Johnson, Roy Snap
Johnson, Steve Floating Freely in a Fine Fashion
Johnsson, Rick Pi Practical Impossibilities
Johnsson, Rick Routines
Johnsson, Rick Swindival Kit
Jon, Finn New Magic by Finn Jon
Jones, Jan The Magician's Assistant
Jones, Lewis Con-Sessions
Jones, Lewis Lusions
Jones, Lewis Paragon Move (The)
Jones, Lloyd E. Dime and Penny
Jones, Steve Cards for All Occassions
Jonson, Wilfrid Card Tricks for Beginners
Jonson, Wilfrid Conjuring
Jonson, Wilfrid Magic Tricks & Card Tricks
Jordon, Charles Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks
Jordon, Charles Thirty Card Mysteries
Joseph, Eddie Art of Body Loading & Productions, The
Joseph, Eddie Bombay
Joseph, Eddie Coin and Money Magic
Joseph, Eddie Come, Good Spirits
Joseph, Eddie Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
Joseph, Eddie Eddie Joseph On...Cups & Balls
Joseph, Eddie Magic and Mysteries of India
Joseph, Eddie Original Tricks
Joseph, Eddie The Hindu Cups
Judah, Stewart The Magic World of Stewart Judah
Jules, Stuart Secrets
Autor Título
Kam, Curtis All The World's A Stage
Kane, Peter Combined Card Sessions
Kane, Peter Kane's Variant
Kaplan, George The Fine Art of Magic
Kaps, Fred Kaps on Coins
Kaps, Fred Lecture Book
Kardyro, Tony Close-Up Deceptions
Kardyro, Tony Kardyro's Kolossal Kompendium of Klever and Kommercial Klose-Up
Kardyro, Tony Magical Highway
Karr, Todd (editor) The Adventures of Winston Freer
Kattner, Wilbur You're On Magic for One and Two
Kaufman, Richard 100% Sankey
Kaufman, Richard Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi
Kaufman, Richard CardWorks
Kaufman, Richard CoinMagic
Kaufman, Richard Collected Almanac
Kaufman, Richard Complete Works of Derek Dingle
Kaufman, Richard David Roth's Expert Coin Magic
Kaufman, Richard Five Times Five (Japan)
Kaufman, Richard Gary Kurtz Unexplainable Acts
Kaufman, Richard Gene Maze Card Book (The)
Kaufman, Richard Interlocked Production of Coins (The)
Kaufman, Richard Jennings '67
Kaufman, Richard Knack Make It Easy, Magic Tricks
Kaufman, Richard New Magic of Japan
Kaufman, Richard New York Magic Symposium Collection One
Kaufman, Richard New York Magic Symposium Collection Two
Kaufman, Richard y Ken Krenzel On the Up and Up
Kaufman, Richard Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver
Kaufman, Richard Sankey Pankey
Kaufman, Richard Secrets Draun from the Underground
Kaufman, Richard Secrets of Brother John Hamman
Kaufman, Richard Tom Mullica Starring in Show Time at the Tom Foolery
Kaufman, Richard Williamson's Wonders
Kaye, David (Silly Billy) How to Peform the Perfect Kid Show Trick
Kaye, David (Silly Billy) Seriously Silly
Kaye, Marvin The Stein and Day Handbook of Magic
Keable, Ian The Big Book of Magic Fun
Keable, Ian y Rebecca Heddle Usborne Book of Magic Tricks
Kellerhof, Alfred Typish Alfred, en alemán
Kenner, Chris Out of Control / Totally Out of Control
Kenyon, John Thumbs Up
Kettlekamp, William Spooky Magic
Kimlat, Kostya Card Work Card Play
Kimlat, Kostya Lecture Collection
Kimlat, Kostya Magic: Experiments with the Art & Thoughts on the Artistry
King, Bob Magician Foolers
King, Bob More Magician Foolers
King, Bob Opening Night Magic
King, Mac Mac King's First Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Klamm, B.C. Ring Routine Featuring Klamm's Locking Ring
Klamm, R.W. Buying Magic is Tricky Business
Klamm, R.W. Rig Up the Ropes
Klamm, R.W. The Magic of God's Word
Klutz (Cassidy, et al) Coin Magic
Knepper, Kenton Lasting Effects
Koornwinder, Dick Dick Koornwinder's Diverting Kreations (Parte I)
Kort, Milton Kort is Now in Session
Kort, Milton Off-Color Card Tricks
Kozak Kozak on Coins and Sponge Balls
Kozlowski, Mike Hundred Dollar Bill Switch (The)
Kozlowski, Mike Tricks, Techniques and Routines, Conferencia Nº 1
Kraft, Frederick L. y Arthur Coin Magnetrix: Paul Diamond Presents his Gems of Magic Book Nº 3
Kraft, Frederick L. y Arthur Magneticoins: Paul Diamond Presents his Gems of Magic Book Nº 1
Kranzo, Nate Heat of the Desert, Notas de conferencia
Kranzo, Nate That's Amore
Kranzo, Nate Things With Cards
Kronzek, Allen Zola 52 Ways to Cheat at Poker
Kronzek, Allen Zola Destiny, Chance and Free Will
Kronzek, Allen Zola Secrets of Alkazar
Kunard, Professor R. The Book of Modern Conjuring
Kundu, Solyl The Magic of Merriment
Kurtz, Gary Leading With Your Head
Kurtz, Gary To The Point
Autor Título
Laflin, Duane Practical Gospel Magic
LaGerould, Terry & Wayne Whiting Terry LaGerould's Pasteboard Presentations
Lair, Michael P Silver
Larsen, William W. 12 Illusionettes
Larsen, William Sr. A Spook Show In Your Parlour
Larsen, William Mental Mysteries With Cards
Lam, Louis Be Deceived
Lamanske, Todd In the Trenches
Lancaster, Lou Tricks of the Trade
LaRue Robert, D. Jr y Steve Spangler Bouncing Back
Lasher, Micah The Magic of Micah Lasher
Latour, Harry Magical Suggestions (1921)
Lauber, Calvin Back Alley, Notas de conferencia
Lavand, Rene Slow Motion Magic Volumen I, (lentidigitación)
Lawton, Don Lots of Lawton
Leach, Chuck Eclipse Wallet
Leach, Chuck The Spring & Ring Book
Leach, Chuck The Squeak Book
Leach, Jamie Jamie's Coin Stuff
Leat, Harry USA Depot Magic
Leat, Harry Diversified Magic
Leat, Harry Forty Years In & Around Magic
Leat, Harry Magic of the Depots 1923
Leat, Harry Magic of the Depots 1924
Leat, Harry Thoughtful Magic
Leat, Harry Tragic Magic
Leech, Al Al Leech's Legacy
Leech, Al Cardmanship
Leech, Al Card Man Stuff
Leech, Al Don't Look Now
Leech, Al For Card Men Only
Leech, Al Manipulating With Leech
Leeming, Joseph A Real Book About Magic
Leeming, Joseph Games and Fun with Playing Cards
Leeming, Joseph Magic for Everybody
Leeming, Joseph Tricks Any Boy Can Do
Lees, Walt Cardmanship of Roberto Giobbi
Lees, Walt Mike Bornstein's Triumph Outdone
Lees, Walt More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein
Leirpoll, Jarle Pocket Power
Lemezma, Marc Mind Magic
LePaul, Paul Presents the Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman
LePaul, Paul The Card Magic of LePaul
Leroy, Arthur Frank Ducrot Presents Magic from A2Z
Lesley, Ted Credit Card Card Trick
Levent y Todd Karr Roy Benson by Starlight
Leveridge, Mark Art of Hopping Tables
Leveridge, Mark British Close-Up Magic Symposium All 9 Books
Leveridge, Mark Magic of Close Up (The)
Leveridge, Mark MagicSeen Volumen 6
Lew, David y Harvey Raft Change Bag Routines
Lew, David y Harvey Raft Christmas Routines
Lewis, Eric Abdul's Fez
Lewis, Eric Big Little Things (The)
Lewis, Eric Genius of Robert Harbin (The)
Lewis, Eric Magical Mentality
Lewis, Eric Miracles
Lews, Eric Personal Magic Volumen 1 CD ROM
Lewis, Martin Martin Lewis Conferencia 2009
Lewis, Martin The Eric Lewis Lecture
Lewis, Trevor Close Up, Notas de conferencia
Lewis, Trevor Final Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor Further Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor More Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor Party Pieces
Lichter, Millard FunTASTIC Knife Routine
Life Savers, Inc. Life Savers Book-O-Magic
Lindhorst, Will L. Dick Daring's New Bag of Tricks
Lindhorst, Will L. Tricks and Magic
Lippy, John Jr. y Edward L. Palder Modern Chemical Magic
Littwin, Arthur Card Shark (The)
London, Ron Lecture Nº 8, (conferencia Nº 8)
London, Ron Magic In a Nutshell
London, Ron Magic Lecture
London, Ron Some Powerful Magical Routines
London, Ron Stuff You'll Use
London, Ron Tricks Tricks Tricks
Lonergan, D.J. Diachylon Deception
Long, Chad Lost Cheesy Notebooks
Long, Chad Lost Cheesy Notebooks Volumen 2
Long, Chad More Stuff
Long, Chad Some Other Stuff
Longe, Bob 101 Amazing Card Tricks
Longe, Bob World's Best Card Tricks
Longe, Bob World's Best Coin Tricks
Loomis, Dennis Routine for the James Riser/Dennis Loomis Micro Chop Cup
Loomis, Dennis The Dennis Loomis Cups and Balls Routine
Loomis, Dennis The Dennis Loomis Cups and Balls Routine 2005 Edition
Lorayne, Harry Apocalypse Volúmenes 1 al 5
Lorayne, Harry Apocalypse Volúmenes 6 al 10
Lorayne, Harry Apocalypse Volúmenes 11 al 15
Lorayne, Harry Apocalypse Volúmenes 16 al 20
Lorayne, Harry Best of Friends Volumen 1
Lorayne, Harry Best of Friends Volumen 3
Lorayne, Harry Classic Collection
Lorayne, Harry Classic Collection 2
Lorayne, Harry Classic Collection 3
Lorayne, Harry Card Classics of Ken Krenzel
Lorayne, Harry Close Up Card Magic
Lorayne, Harry Deck-Sterity
Lorayne, Harry Dingle's Deceptions with Cards and Coins
Lorayne, Harry Doug Edwards Packs a Wallop
Lorayne, Harry Himber Wallet Book
Lorayne, Harry How to Perform Feats of Mathematical Wizardry
Lorayne, Harry Lecture Notes (1980), (Notas de conferencia 1980)
Lorayne, Harry Meir Yedid's Card Animations
Lorayne, Harry My Favorite Card Tricks
Lorayne, Harry Personal Collection
Lorayne, Harry Personal Secrets
Lorayne, Harry Reputation Makers
Lorayne, Harry Quantum Leaps
Lorayne, Harry Richard Himber's Ideas in the Hundred Dollar Book
Lorayne, Harry Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal
Lorayne, Harry The Magic Book
Lorento, Professor Amateur Amusements (1878)
Lorraine, Sid A Magician In the House
Lorraine, Sid Early Stuff (The)
Lorraine, Sid Gags, Routines and Patter
Lorraine, Sid Patter
Lorraine, Sid Sid Lorraine's Scrapbook
Lovell, Simon Billion Dollar Bunko
Lovell, Simon P.C.A.M. Convention 1995
Lovell, Simon Second to None
Lovell, Simon Simon Says!
Lovell, Simon Son of Simon Says!
Lovick, John Switch ($100 Bill Change)
Lowig, Eivind Stand Up Coin Power
Lubin, Jerry My Favorite Pastimes
Luka, John L.I.N.T. - Pocket Stuff for Close-Up Magicians
Luka, John Uncovered - Secrets for the Serious Magician
Lunceford, Terry Magic for a Living 1
Lunceford, Terry Magic for a Living 2
Lunceford, Terry Pocket Cards
Lustig, David J. (La Vellma) Vaudeville Magic
Lustig, David J. (La Vellma) Vaudeville Mind Reading and Kindred Phenomena
Lyons, P. Howard Ibidem Volumen 2
Lyons, P. Howard Ibidem Volumen 3, AZIZ y Beyond
Autor Título
MacCarthy, E. Brian Sleights Supreme
MacCarthy, E. Brian Slow Sleights
MacDougall, Michael (Mickey) Card Mastery, Incluyendo Expert at the Card Table
MacDougall, Michael (Mickey) Gamblers Don't Gamble
MacDougall, Michael (Mickey) Micky's Trio
MacGregor, Jerry Real World Magic
MacMillan, Ron Symphony of the Spheres
Madsen, Bill & Al Forgione Hex
Madison, Daniel III Deception Subterfuge Sleight of Hand
Magic Inc. Card-Kerchiefs
Magic Inc. Card Tricks for Cardicians
Magic Inc. Tricks With a Folding Coin
Mangel, Ray (Dakota Dan) It's Gotta Be Easy
Manos, Christopher The Great Chain Con
March, Carl Magic Made Easy
Marcom, Ralph A. Marcom Presents Magic
Marconick Marconick's Original Magic Book 3
Marconick Marconick's Original Magic Book 4
Mardo, Senor Applause Winning Routines
Mardo, Senor Cups and Balls
Mardo, Senor Hands Only (The)
Mardo, Senor Magic for Bartenders
Mardo, Senor Mixologist (The), Bar Magic
Mardo, Senor Routined Magic
Mark, Richard No Way Q&A
Marks, Dennis Magic Castle Lecture, (Conferencia en el castillo mágico)
Marks, Dennis Magic Castle Second Lecture, (Conferencia en el castillo mágico II)
Marlo, Edward Amazing, Isn't It?
Marlo, Edward Bull's Eye Coin Tricks
Marlo, Edward Cardician (The)
Marlo, Edward Card Magic of Edward Marlo (The)
Marlo, Edward Coining Magic
Marlo, Edward Deck Deception
Marlo, Edward Early Marlo
Marlo, Edward Let's See the Deck!
Marlo, Edward So Soon?
Marlo, Edward & Norman Osborn Unlimited
Marshall, Frances Come Out Flying!
Marshall, Frances How to Sell by Magic
Marshall, Frances Kid Stuff
Marshall, Frances Kid Stuff Volume Two
Marshall, Frances Kid Stuff Volume Three
Marshall, Frances Kid Stuff 4
Marshall, Frances Kid Stuff Five
Marshall, Frances y Jay Success Book Volumen 1
Marshall, Frances y Jay Success Book Volumen 2
Marshall, Frances Sponge Book (The)
Marshall, Frances Trade Shows an Inside Insight
Marshall, Frances (Ed) Year Book 1967-8
Martineau, Francis B Walsh Cane Routines
Marucci, Peter Real-Life Table Hopping
Marvoyan Marvoyan's Bolivian Brain-Bafflers
Maskelyne, Jasper y Arthur Groom Maskelyne's Book of Magic
Maskelyne, Nevil y David Devant Our Magic
Mason, Eric (The Great Masoni) Showmanship Out of the Hat
Mason, Mark It Beats Working
Massey, Edward M New and Original Magic
Matney, Ryan Card Jones
Matney, Ryan Fiver
Matney, Ryan Gris-Gris
Matsouka, Craig Gaff Factory (The)
Maurice, Amazing Mentalistrix
Maven, Max Chicago
Maven, Max New New York Notes
Maven, Max Prism
Max the Magician y Diane Max the Magician and Diane, Notas de conferencia
Maxwell Clever Card Tricks That Anyone Can Do
Maxwell, Rev. J.B. Still More Magical Object Lessons
Maxwell, Mike The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
Maxwell, Mike The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner
Maxwell, Mike Larry Jennings' The Cardwright
Maxwell, Mike Louis Falanga's Lake Tahoe Card Magic
Maxwell, Mike Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3 Card Monte
Mayo, William Magic by HoYam
Mayne, Andrew Illusion F/X
Mayne, Andrew Mad Mojo
McAllister, Bob Dot's Magic
McAthy, George MagicComedy
McAthy, George Smart Tricks for Magicians & M.C.'s
McBride, George Osmosis 2
McBride, Jeff Kundalini Rising
McCarron, B.W. Gambling Magician (The)
McCarthy, Daniel Dreams of Reality
McCarthy, Daniel Underground Hits Bottom (The)
McComb, Billy McComb Comes Home
McComb, Billy McComb's Magic 25 Years Wiser
McDaniel, Robert Card Ventures
McDaniel, Robert Royal Treatment (The)
McGill, Ormond Atomic Magic
McGill, Ormond Real Mental Magic
McGill, Ormond 21 Gems of Magic
McLachlan, John Goldfinger, Stand Up Coin Mysteries
Mead, Eric Tangled Web
Medrington, A.C.P. A Dozen of Magic for Practical Conjurers
Meech, Oliver 5 for £5 Coffee
Meech, Oliver 5 for £5 Kids
Meech, Oliver 5 for £5 Stage
Meech, Oliver Mister Meech's Merged Mail Outs
Meech, Oliver Plot Twists
Meech, Oliver The Plot Thickens
Menard, Kevin Kevin Menard Presents
Mendoza, John F. Close-Up Presentation
Mendoza, John F. Excellence of Dan Fleshman
Mendoza, John F. John Verse Two
Mendoza, John F. Magician Tested, Audience Approved The Magic of Dan Fleshman
Mendoza, John F. The Mendoza Cups and Balls Routine
Mendoza, John F. The Mendoza Portfolio Nº 1
Mendoza, John F. Sequel to the Mendoza Cups and Balls Routine
Mentzer, Jerry Another Close-Up Cavalcade
Mentzer, Jerry Basic Skills With Cards
Mentzer, Jerry Card Cavalcade II
Mentzer, Jerry Card Cavalcade 3
Mentzer, Jerry Card Cavalcade Four
Mentzer, Jerry Card Cavalcade Finale
Mentzer, Jerry Card to Wallet the Book
Mentzer, Jerry Climax Coins
Mentzer, Jerry Close-Up Cavalcade
Mentzer, Jerry Close-Up Cavalcade Finale
Mentzer, Jerry Close Up File
Mentzer, Jerry Counts, Cuts, Moves & Subtlety
Mentzer, Jerry Cunning Card Miracles
Mentzer, Jerry Forcing a Card
Mentzer, Jerry John Murray's One Cup & Coins (con Al Cohen)
Mentzer, Jerry Magic With a Copper/Silver Coin
Mentzer, Jerry Magician Nitely The Magic of Eddie Techter
Mentzer, Jerry Master Ball and Silk Manipulation
Mentzer, Jerry Packet Tricks
Mentzer, Jerry Professional Close-Up of Curtis Kam, Deceptions in Paradise
Mentzer, Jerry Second Lecture
Mentzer, Jerry Simple Yet Effective Tricks With Cards
Mentzer, Jerry Super Cents
Mentzer, Jerry The Magic of Paul Harris
Mercurio The Propshop
Merlin, Jean Rope Series Parte 1
Merlin, Jean Rope Series Parte 2
Merlin, Jean Rope Series Parte 3
Merlin, Jean Rope Series Parte 4
Merrill, R.D. Merrill's Knife Book
Mertz, Ray The Close Up Magic of Ray Mertz
Mesika, Yigal Animated Miracles
Meyer, Orville Magic In the Modern Manner
Miesel, William P. Fork Full of Appetizers
Miesel, William P. Improvisations
Miesel, William P. On MOE and His Miracles With Cards
Miller, Charles Earl Black Art Well Tricks
Miller, Hugh (Editor) Al Koran Professional Presentations
Miller, Hugh (Editor) The Magic of Roy Baker in Baker's Bonanza
Miller, Hugh (Editor) Rink's Magic from Holland
Miller, Hugh (Editor) Rink's Original Rope Mysteries
Miller, Hugh The Secrets of Gambling
Miller, Jule L. Three Dozen Tricks With the Dock Haley Svengali Deck
Miller, Justin Huh?
Miller, Tony Bar Magic
Minch, Stephen Any Second Now (Martin A. Nash)
Minch, Stephen By Forces Unseen, The Innovative Card Magic of Earnest Earick
Minch, Stephen Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Volumen 1
Minch, Stephen Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Volumen 2
Minch, Stephen Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus
Minch, Stephen John Carney's Carneycopia
Minch, Stephen Elastrix Volume 2
Minch, Stephen Ever So Sleightly (Martin A. Nash)
Minch, Stephen For Your Entertainment Pleasure Magic by Daryl
Minch, Stephen Ken Krenzel's Close-Up Impact
Minch, Stephen Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities
Minch, Stephen Larry Jennings' Neoclassics
Minch, Stephen Lovecraftian Ceremonies
Minch, Stephen Mind & Matter
Minch, Stephen Mind Melds, a Precognitive Hexameron
Minch, Stephen Mind Novas
Minch, Stephen New York Magic Symposium Collection Three
Minch, Stephen New York Magic Symposium Collection Four
Minch, Stephen New York Magic Symposium Collection Five
Minch, Stephen Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler
Minch, Stephen Sleight Unseen
Minch, Stephen Spectacle
Minch, Stephen The Vernon Chronicles, Volumen 1, Lost Inner Secrets
Minch, Stephen The Vernon Chronicles, Volumen 2, More Lost Inner Secrets
Minch, Stephen The Vernon Chronicles, Volumen 3, Further Lost Inner Secrets
Mishell, Ed & Prof. Abraham B. Hurwitz Elastrix
Mishell, Ed Wax Fax
Mogar, Joe Mogar's Fantasy Knives Routine
Mogar, Joe Mogar's Miracle Knife Routine
Morris, Bud I Am Curious (Magic)
Morris, S. Brent Magic Tricks Card Shuffling and Dynamic Computer Memories
Morrissey Combination Chop Cups and Balls
Mortimer, Jim Mortimer's Magic Magazine Volumen 1
Mulholland, John Mulholland's Book of Magic
Mulholland, John Quicker Than the Eye
Muller, Reinhard Escorial 86 Estimacion
Muller, Reinhard Escorial 88 Glimpse, (vistazos)
Mullica, Tom Lecture Booklet Hawaii '83
Mullica, Tom Tom Mullica Lecture
Murray, Andrew Dare to Be Remarkable
Murray, Andrew Jokers Not Included
Murray, Johnnie y Don Tanner Coffee-Break Magic
Musson, Clettis Close-Up Capers
Musson, Clettis Minute Magic
Murray, Barry Paul Daniel's Adult Magic
Murray, George 3D Bunnies (rutinas by Nielsen y Marvyn Roy)
Myers, Bob Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Autor Título
Naldrett, Percy The Magical Miscellany
Nathanson, Leon, M.D. Slydini Encores
Neale, Robert E. Folding Money Fooling
Neighbors, David Innovations Lecture, (Conferencia)
Neighbors, David Las Vegas Lecture
Neighbors, David Less Than Infinity Number One of Two
Neil, Charles Lang The Modern Conjuror
Nelms, Henning Magic and Showmanship
Nelson, Earl Variations
Nelson, Robert A. The Art of Cold Reading
Nelson, Robert A. Encyclopedia of Mentalism
Nemoto, Takeshi Tokyo Trickery
Nesbit, Bill Classical Magic with Bill Nesbit
Noble, Lee $100 Book Plus
Norman, Karl Here's How
Novak, Bob The Egg Bag Book
Novak, Bob Jack Miller's Linking Ring Routine
Nu, Alian Mind Over Matter
Nu, Alain XXX Hardcore Mentalism
Nuzzo, Jimmy y Edward Marlo Art and Ardor at the Card Table
Autor Título
Oakes, Earle Master Lock Routine
Ogden, Tom The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic Tricks
Okal, Bill A New Look at Some Classic Close-Up
Olson, Robert Carl Rosini His Life and His Magic
Olson, Robert Extra Extra Extra
Olson, Bob & Bob Pearce Sick Sorcery
O'Neal Magic (U.F. Grant) Modern Illusions Plans, Secrets
O'Neill, Brian Misdemeanor Miracles
Orben, Robert Big Big Laughs
Orben, Robert Patter for Standard Tricks
Orben, Robert Patter Parade
Orbit, Donny Inside the Head of Donny Orbit
Ortiz, Darwin Cardshark
Ortiz, Darwin Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table
Ortiz, Darwin Darwin's Deceits Lecture Notes Nº 2
Ortiz, Darwin Darwin's Theories Lecture Notes Nº 1
Ortiz, Darwin Designing Miracles
Ortiz, Darwin Ephemeral Lecture notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Ortiz, Darwin Scams & Fantasies with Cards
Ortiz, Darwin Strong Magic
Osborne, Tom Cups and Balls Magic
Osborne, Tom Original Three-to, One Rope Trick
Oslund, Dick Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Osterlind, Richard Three Miracle Routines
Ouellet, Gary Classy Close Up
Ouellet, Gary Close Up Illusions
Ouellet, Gary Eric DeCamps' The Coin Connection
Ouellet, Gary Pass (The)
Ouellet, Gary Power Sleights
Ouellet, Gary ProControl
Ouellet, Gary Supershells, A Magical Masterpiece
Ovette, Joseph Ovette's Tricks and Illusionettes
Owen, Anthony Some Tricks
Autor Título
Pace, Jim Bob Wallace Jim Pace's "A" Material
Page, Patrick Bell's Magic Book
Page Patrick Big Book of Magic (The)
Page, Patrick y Albert Goshman Magic by Gosh
Page, Patrick Pages from Patrick's Notebook
Page, Patrick Patricks Pages of Magic
Page, Patrick Topit Handbook (The)
Palhinha, Mariano The Magic Payoff
Pallme, Hermann Entertaining Magic
Palmer, Bill Early History of the Paddle Trick in Print 1584-1901 (The)
Palmer, Johnny Ace Expressions of a World Champion Magician
Palmer, Johnny Ace Magic for Fun and Entertainment
Palmer, Tom Modern Illusions
Palmer, Tom The Tie Pitch
Parker, Jack Set To Kill
Parker, Jack Set to Stun
Parker, Robert Up In Smoke and Other Tantalizing Mysteries
Parr, David Brain Food
Parrish, Robert (Editor) An Evening With Charlie Miller
Parrish, Robert (Editor) Bert Allerton: The Close Up Magician
Parrish, Robert y Oscar Weigle Jr. Do That Again
Parrish, Robert For Magician's Only
Parrish, Robert Great Tricks Revisited, Thoughts on Classics
Parrish, Robert The Magician's Handbook
Parrish, Robert New Ways to Mystify
Parrish, Robert Six Tricks by Tenkai
Parrish, Robert You'd Be Surprised
Patry, John Jr. No My Name is Not Party
Patton, Temple C. Card Tricks Anyone Can Do
Paul, Marc Marc Paul's Notes 98
Paulus, Dan Up My Sleeve Book One: Commercial Card Magic
Paulus, Dan Up My Sleeve Book Two: Commercial Money Magic
Pavel Magical Creation or How to Invent a New Trick
Pavel Novel Magic (The)
Pecor, Charles Off the Wall With the Wizard
Pecore, Joe A Sonata of Magic (e-book)
Petrick y Jim Kahlert 7x Petrick (purple cover)
Petrick 7x Petrick (violeta)
Petrick One Minute Miracles
Petrick One Minute Miracles 2
Petrick One Minute Miracles 3
Pierce, Lance Roger Klause In Concert
Pierce, Lance The Award Winning Magic of John Cornelius
Pinard, Andrew J. Serious Bizness
Pinard, Andrew J. The Shared Experience
Platiquini, Marcos Platimagics II
Platt, John Internationally Famous Cups and Balls
Pogue, David Magic for Dummies
Poinc, Eugene Illusions for Princes or Paupers
Poland, Ellison Wonderful Routines of Magic
Pollack, Richard Presents Hands Across The Table
Pomeroy, John D. Dove, Silk & Flower Magic
Pomeroy, John D. Mentology
Popular Mechanics Press The Boy Mechanic Books 1 al 4
Posgate, Bruce Kid-Show Showmanship
Potts, Don The Trestle Board
Powers, Mike Eye Poppers
Powers, Mike Powerful Magic
Powers, Mike Power Plays
Powers, Mike Top Secret Stuff
Presto, Fay Magic for Kids
Proudlock, Edward Edward Proudlock's Version of the Sympathetic Silks
Pyka, John Just Like Magic
Autor Título
Quinn, Vernon 50 Card Games for Children
Autor Título
Racherbaumer, Jon & Ed Marlo Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards
Racherbaumer, Jon Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields
Racherbaumer, Jon At the Table
Racherbaumer, Jon Big Easy Card Cunning
Racherbaumer, Jon Card Finesse
Racherbaumer, Jon Card Finesse II
Racherbaumer, Jon Card Fixes
Racherbaumer, Jon Card Puzzle and Other Diversions (The)
Racherbaumer, Jon Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt
Racherbaumer, Jon Hierophant Ressurection Issue
Racherbaumer, Jon In a Class By Himself, The Legacy of Don Alan
Racherbaumer, Jon Jay Sankey, Unleashed
Racherbaumer, Jon Lecture Notes 1, (Notas de conferencia 1)
Racherbaumer, Jon Marlo on Erdnase
Racherbaumer, Jon Sticks & Stones
Racherbaumer, Jon The Universal Card
Racherbaumer, Jon The Wild Card Kit
Rae, Oswald Practical Patter for Practical Magicians
Ram, Pattabhi e Ivar Utial 101 Magic Tricks
Ram, Pattabhi Magic for Children
Ram, Pattabhi Magic for Fun
Ram, Pattabhi Magic for You
Randal, Jason Magic for Professionals
Randlett, Samuel Folding Money Fooling Volume Two
Rawson, Clayton (The Great Merlini) The Golden Book of Magic
Rawson, Clayton (The Great Merlini) How to Entertain Children with Magic You Can Do
Ray, Jimmy Between the Acts
Ray, Jimmy Cruise Show Book
Read, Ralph The Three Shell Game
Ream, Lamont Coin Creations
Redford, Patrick G. Consecution
Redford, Patrick G. Heptagon +
Redford, Patrick G. Largo
Redford, Patrick G. Mendacity
Redford, Patrick G. Square +
Redford, Patrick G. Triangle
Reeder, Brad y Bill Robinson Disbanded
Reeder, Brad y Bill Robinson Sparks The Funkenring Book
Regal, David Approaching Magic
Regal, David Close Up & Personal
Regal, David Constant Fooling 1
Regal, David Constant Fooling 2
Regal, David Eric DeCamps Compositions of Conjuring
Reilly, S.W. Modern Fortune Telling
Repro Magic Magic With a Stacked Deck
Revelle & Andree Raise Your Glasses, 50 Tricks with a Bottomless Tumbler
RFA Productions Channel One Quarterly Issues 1-4
RFA Productions Channel One Quarterly Issues 5-8
Rhod, Daniel Techno Card Magic
Richards, Paul The Close Up Insider - The Mike Gallo Lecture
Richardson, Barrie Concepts & Deceptions Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Riding, Joe Joe Riding's Cabaret Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Riding, Joe Joe Riding's Comedy Cabaret Notes Nº 2, (Notas de conferencia)
Riding, Joe Three Card Monte
Riggs, John Magic from the Ambient Domain
Rigney, Francis J. Cub Scout Magic
Ripley, G. Sherman An Introduction to Magic
Rix, Claude Original Close-Up Routine
Robert-Houdin & AJL Hoffmann The Secrets of Conjuring & Magic
Robbins, David Practical Magic
Robson, Stuart & Ralph Reed Flash Paper Tips
Rogers, John Know Sleight Intended
Rogers, Mike The Complete Mike Rogers
Rogers, Mike Multiplying Bunnies
Rogers, Mike They All Work
Rogers, Mike Unconquered Card
Rogers, Terri More Secrets
Rogers, Terri Secrets the Original Magic of Terri Rogers
Rogers, Terri Top Secrets
Rose, Ed Presenting and Training With Magic
Ross, David Egg-Foolery
Ross, Richard The Ring Routine Book
Roterberg, August Card Tricks and How to Do Them
Roterberg, August Latter Day Tricks
Roterberg, August Modern Wizard, The
Roterberg, August New Era Card Tricks
Roth, David A Lecture by David Roth Coins Close-Up, (Notas de conferencia)
Roth, David A Lecture On Magic, (Notas de conferencia)
Roth, David A Magical Lecture
Roth, David Coins Lecture (Cubierta roja)
Rothbart, Dr. Laszlo Deck in Hand Magic of the Magyar
Royal Magic Nimble Thimbles (The)
Rubinstein, Dr. Michael Convention Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Rubinstein, Michael Creative Coin Magic Lecture 1, (Notas de conferencia)
Rubinstein, Michael Creative Coin Magic Lecture 2, (Notas de conferencia)
Rubinstein, Michael Inside Street Magic
Ruetz, Matt Magic Stencil Techniques
Rungie, Herb Impromptu Card Routine With Patter
Rusduck The Cardist Magazine
Autor Título
Sachs, Edwin Sleight of Hand
Sadowitz, Jerry y Peter Duffie Alternative Card Magic
Sadowitz, Jerry Cards Hit
Sadowitz, Jerry Cards on the Table
Samelson, Peter Theatrical Close Up
Sanderson, George P. Right Under Their Noses
Sands, George 50 Years of Magic
Sands, George 51 Years of Magic
Sands, George 52 Years of Magic
Sands, George 53 Years of Magic
Sands, George 54 Years of Magic
Sands, George 55 Years of Magic
Sands, George 56 Years of Magic
Sands, George Sandsational Rope
Sands, George Sandslide
Sankey, Jay Memorable Images
Sankey, Jay Real Simple Magic
Sankey, Jay Sankey 1996
Sankey, Jay Sankey Up to Date
Sankey, Jay Tricks of the Trade
Sankey, Jay Twenty Years of Magic
Scarlett, Peter Sleightly Entertaining Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Scarne, John y Audley Walsh A Treatise on the Sucker Effects of Three Card Monte
Scarne, John Scarne's Magic Tricks
Scarne, John Scarne On Card Tricks
Schindler, George Entertainment First
Schindler, George Magic With Everyday Objects
Schindler, George Meir Yedid's Close-Up Hallucinations
Schindler, George Presto Magic for the Beginner
Schmidt, Joseph K. (Editor) R.C. Buff's the Best of Buff
Schneider, Al On Close-Up
Schulte, G.F. Talks for Tricks
Schwartz, Sam Play It Again, Sam
Seabrooke, Terry Beyond Compere: A Pocket Guide to Being an Emcee
Seabrooke, Terry Terry Seabrooke's American Lecture
Searles, Lynn J. Lucky Aces
Segal, Syd y JC Wagner Full Metal Jacket
Seigel, Roger Roger's Rubber Ark
Selbit The Magician's Handbook
Sellers, Tom Best Sellers
Sellers, Tom Card Tricks That Work
Sellers, Tom Immediate Magic
Sellers, Tom Magical Pleasantries
Sellers, Tom Magic Hits
Sellers, Tom More Secrets
Sellers, Tom Sellers Secrets
Sellers, Tom Tricks That Work
Sellers, Tom Twenty Tricks
Severn, Bill Bill Severn's Magic Workshop
Severn, Bill Magic Across the Table
Severn, Bill Magic In Your Pockets
Sewell, Len J. Magi Magic
Shalit, Nathan Science Magic Tricks
Sharpe, Alton C. Expert Card Conjuring
Sharpe, Alton C. Expert Card Mysteries
Sharpe, Alton C. Expert Hocus Pocus
Sherman, Phil Take a Tip From Me...
Sherman, Roger Tricky Stuff
Shiels, Tony "Doc" Something Strange
Shiels, Tony "Doc" The Cantrip Codex "A Guide for the Advanced Enigmatist"
Shiels, Tony "Doc" Thirteen
Shute, Merlyn T. How To Book of the Chop Cup
Shute, Merlyn T. How To Force a Card
Shute, Merlyn T. Cups Cups Cups
Shute, Merlyn T. Little Things (The)
Shute, Merlyn T Out of Your Pocket
Simmons, Ken Amazing Magic Tricks With Scotch & Soda or Dime & Penny
Simmons, Ken David Neighbor's Freshly Minted
Simmons, Ken Riffling The Pasteboards Again
Simmons, Ken Scotch and Soda Part 1
Simmons, Ken Scotch and Soda Part 2
Simmons, Ken Scotch and Soda Part 3 (Finale)
Simon, Bill Card Magic for Amateurs and Professionals (Effective Card Magic)
Simon, Bill Controlled Miracles
Simon, Bill Sleightly Sensational
Simon, Frank Versatile Card Magic
Sisti, Jim (Ed) The Magic Menu The First Five Years
MSisti, Jim (Ed) The Magic Menu Years Six Through Ten
Sisti, Jim (Ed) The Magic Menu, The Final Four Issues
Smith, Aaron Mr. Gadly Volume One Number Four
Smith, Chuck Why Not? Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Smith, H. Adrian Superb Tricks
Smith, J. Stewart It Can Be Magic
Smith, J. Stewart It Just Happens
Smith, Lee Walkabout Magic Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Smith, Robert J Grant's Brilliant Card Magic
Smith, Roger Innovative Magic Nº 1
Smith, Roger Innovative Magic Nº 2
Smith, Roger Innovative Magic Nº 3
Smith, Roger The Faro Sorcery Trilogy Nº 1
Smith, Samuel Patrick Big Laughs for Little People
Smith, Samuel Patrick On Stage
Snader, Craige McComb, Jr. Mind Square
Snyder, Lee Just Like Magic
Socrate, Philippe Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Solari, Bob Anomaly
Solari, Bob Cunning Stunts
Solari, Bob Delusional
Solari, Bob G.O.D. Good Outright Deception
Solari, Bob Tricked Out
Solka, Dr. Hans-Christian Si Stebbins Pro, Compendium
Solomon, Dave y Jeffery Siegfried The Wisdom of Solomon
Somerfeld, Bob Mind Reader's Digest
Somerfeld, Bob Pieces of Mind
Spill, Steve The Spill Bar and Grille
Spooner, Bill A Magical Spoonerism
Stanyon, Ellis Magic
Starke, George y Dr. Jacob Daley Stars of Magic
Steele, W.F. (Rufus) 50 Tricks
Steele, W.F. (Rufus) 52 Amazing Card Tricks
Steele, W.F. (Rufus) Card Tricks That are Easy to Learn, Easy to Do
Steele, W.F. (Rufus) Paul Rosini's Magical Gems, A Memorial
Steele, W.F. (Rufus) The Last Word on Cards
Stein, Solomon Magic Maestro Please
Steinmeyer, Jim Jarrett
Steinhauer, Lawrence et al. Damn Good Tricks
Steranko, Jim Steranko On Cards
Stern, Duke Latest Thimble Magic
Stevenson, Alwyn 75 Tricks With a Stripper Deck
Stewart, Jeff Appearing Soda Can Magic
Stiles, Kirk Thimbles With a Light Touch
Stoddard, Edward The First Book of Magic
Stone, Tom A Bite My Dear?
Stone, Tom Deserting the Legion
Stone, Tom Prey of the Prestidigitator
Strong, Todd The Dice Stacking Book
Sullivan, Patrick B. Bets You Can't Lose
Sumpter, Gary Shivers
Sutz, Ian Magic With a Steel Ball and Tube
Swain, James 21st Century Card Magic
Swain, James Miracles With Cards
Swinford, Paul The Cyberdeck
Swinford, Paul Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Autor Título
Tabbo, Dr Fabio Close Up Hypnosis 1, Stop Smoking
Tallman, Benjamin W. Making Magic Pay
Tanner, Don Grant's Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic
Tamariz, Juan Bewitched Music Volumen 1 (Sonata)
Tamariz, Juan Five Points In Magic, (Cinco puntos mágicos)
Tarbell, Harlan Tarbell Course In Magic Volumen 1
Tarbell, Harlan Tarbell Course In Magic Volumen 2
Tarbell, Harlan Tarbell Course In Magic Volumen 3
Tarbell, Harlan Tarbell Course In Magic Volumen 4
Tarbell, Harlan Tarbell Course In Magic Volumen 5
Tarbell, Harlan Tarbell Course In Magic Volumen 6
Tarbell, Harlan y Harry Lorayne Tarbell Course In Magic Volumen 7
Tarbell, Harlan Tarbell Course In Magic Volumen 8
Tarr, Bill 101 Easy-to-Learn Classic Magic Tricks
Tarr, Bill Now You See It Now You Don't
Tarr, Bill The Second Now You See It Now You Don't
Taylor, Harold Taylor's Tricks and Topics
The Wild Goose Company Haredini
Thompson, J.G. y Ned Rutledge Between Two Minds
Thompson, J.G. Magic to Delight
Thompson, J.G. The Miracle Makers
Thompson, J.G. My Best
Thompson, J.G. Sleight Intended
Thompson, J.G. Top Secrets of Magic
Thompson, Johnny Coin In Bottle Plus
Thompson, John Polished Polish Prestidigitation
Thurston, Howard 200 Tricks You Can Do
Thurston, Howard 200 More Tricks You Can Do
Todd, Jospeh P. (pseud) Tricks Every Boy and Girl Can Do, (The)
Tong, Dan Close Up Magic of
Tong, Dan Commercial Stand-Up Magic
Tong, Dan Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Torell, Jan Magic By Jan Torell
Torino, Senor (Tony Kardyro) Kardyro's Kard Konjuring
Torre, Jose de la Ascanio's World of Knives
Torre, Jose de la Color Changing Knives...And More
Torre, Jose de la Magicana of Havana
Townsend, Charles World's Greatest Magic Tricks
Tremain, Jon Amazing Book of Magic & Card Tricks Inc. Benson Bowl Inc. Insight Visual Coin Vanish Inc. The Magic Business Book Inc. Mastering Hypnosis Inc. Swindled Three Card Monte
Trixer, Hans ConjuRing Trix
Trost, Nick Card Magic of Nick Trost, (The)
Trost, Nick Cardman's Secrets
Trost, Nick Card Problems
Trost, Nick Expert Gambling Tricks
Trost, Nick Folio No. 3 - Close Up Mentalism
Trost, Nick Gambling Tricks With Cards Part One
Trost, Nick Gambling Tricks With Cards Part Two
Trost, Nick Gamblilng Tricks With Dice
Trost, Nick Nick Trost's Subtle Card Miracles
Trost, Nick Subtle Card Magic Part One
Trost, Nick Subtle Card Magic Part Two
Tucker, Stephen Abacus Tuckered Up
Tucker, Stephen Best of Spell-Binder Collection One
Tucker, Stephen Card Bored?
Tucker, Stephen Cardiac Pacemakers
Tucker, Stephen Cardiac Stimulation
Tucker, Stephen Card-Mad-gic of Stephen Tucker
Tucker, Stephen Compendium
Tucker, Stephen Dobson's Choice Vol3
Tucker, Stephen Gemini Book of Close Up Magik
Tucker, Stephen Himbering Ways
Tucker, Stephen Taking Liberties Or...The U.S. Card-Book
Tucker, Stephen The 33 Cardinal Sins of Stephen Tucker Plus 7 Coin Routines
Turcotte, Dan Gone Again Coin Vanish
Turcotte, Dan Comedy Ring on String Routine
Turcotte, Dan "In Your Hands" Cups and Balls Monte Routine
Turner, Bill How To Do Tricks With Cards
Tyler, Diamond Jim Pockets Full of Miracles
Autor Título
Van Ray, Richard W.G. Modern Miracles in Magic
Various The Boy's Book of Magic
Vernon, Dai 10 Card Problems (Twenty Dollar Manuscript)
Vernon, Dai Early Vernon
Vernon, Dai Expanded Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Vernon, Dai Select Secrets
Vernon, Dai Revelations
Victor, Edward Classic Card Tricks
Victor, Edward Further Magic of the Hands
Victor, Edward Magic of the Hands
Victor, Edward More Magic of the Hands
Voorhees, Rev. Ted Magic for Ministers
Votaw, Bob Simply Magic
Autor Título
Wagner, Bob Bob Wagner's Master Notebook of Magic
Wagner, Bob y Howard Adams Magic Dungeon Mentalism
Wagner, J.C. A Few More Secrets
Wakeman, Randy The Rainbow Deck
Waldman, Sheldon Superb Sorcery
Waldman, Sheldon Underhanded Sorcery
Walsh, Audley Sponge Ball Manipulation
Walton, Roy The Complete Walton Volumen 1
Walton, Roy The Complete Walton Volumen 2
Walton, Roy The Devil's Playthings
Walton, Roy Trigger
Warlock, Peter Black Art Well Tricks for the 80's
Warlock, Peter Peter Warlock's Book of Magic
Waters, Sean Contemplations
Waters, Sean Ode to Ekman
Waters, Sean Ponderings
Watson, Donald "Monk" The Professional Touch
Wass Verrall Astound Your Audience Volumen 1 Cards
Wass, Verrall Astound Your Audience Volumen 2 Simplicity Swindles
Wass, Verrall Essence
Wass, Verrall Magically Yours
Wass, Verrall Visible Magic
Webb, Gregg Best of Feen-X Magazine Volumen 1
Webb, Gregg Best of Feen-X Magazine Volumen 2
Webb, Gregg Society of Sleight of Hand Artists
Webb, Gregg The Book That Casts No Reflection
Webb, Gregg The Book That Doesn't Exist
Weber, Ken Maximum Entertainment
Weber, Michael 505
Weber, Michael California Carmageddon
Weber, Michael Laustin Translation
Weber, Michael LifeSavers
Weber, Michael Memorease
Weigel, Oscar y Alan Dell The Money Magic of Mike Bornstein
Weiner, Irv Simplicity Magic Lecture Nº 2, (Notas de conferencia)
Wells, Billy Duplicate Deceptions
Wels, Byron G. The Great Illusions of Magic (2 Volúmenes)
West, Bill Routines In Rhyme
Wenk, Timothy Insomnia
West, Brother Paul Ground Zero 2.0
West, Brother Paul X Marks the Spot
West, Larry Corner on the Market
West, Larry Lecture 2, (Notas de conferencia)
West, Larry y Art Emerson A New Direction in Magic - New Surprises (Lecture Notes)
White, Jeff Visual Inspirations
White, Joseph M. A Scotch Brand of Magic
Wichmann, Ralf The String
Wiersbe, Warren Action With Cards
Wiersbe, Warren Mental Cases With Cards
Wiersbe, Warren Tantalizing Thimbles
Wild, Boris Boris Wild's Lecture, (Notas de conferencia)
Wiles, Caleb High Spots: The Knockout Magic of Caleb Wiles
Williams, Ben Repertoire Volumen 1
Williams, Ben Repertoire Volumen 2
Williams, Ned Something New In Magic
Willmarth, Philip Jim Ryan Close-Up One - Sensational Stunners
Willmarth, Philip Jim Ryan's Bar Magic Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
Willmarth, Philip The Magic of Matt Schulien
Willmarth, Philip The Ring & Rope Book Volumen 1
Willmarth, Philip (Ed) Trevor Lewis : ESOLC (That's Close Up)
Wilson, Gregory The Stockholder
Wilson, Gus The Secrets of Professional Table Hopping
Wilson, Mark Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic
Wilson, Mark Mark Wilson's Greatest Magic Tricks
Wilson, Mark The Chop Cup Book
Wilson, Ron It's the Little Things
Wilson, R. Paul 13
Wilson, Tyler Dominatricks
Wimhurst, Andrew Down Under Deals
Windsor, Tommy Presto Press Book, New Enlarged Edition
Windsor, Tommy Tommy Windsor's Dye Box Book
Wolfsberger, Gary Manipulation With the Cone and Ball
Wolfsberger, Gary Wolfsberger's Chop Cup and Ball Routine
Wonder, Tommy y Stephen Minch Books of Wonder Volumen 1
Wonder, Tommy y Stephen Minch Books of Wonder Volumen 2
Wonder, Tommy Wonder Material (Notas de conferencia)
Autor Título
Yates, Jack Minds in Duplicate
Yeager, John A Mixed Bag
Yelma Tricks of To-Day
Yedid, Meir Magical Wishes
Yedid, Meir New Wave Thaumatology Issue 4 Shinko Nagisa's Twisting Arm Illusion
Yedid, Meir Now-U-C-It Now-U-Don't
York, Scotty A Rumor In His Own Time
York, Scotty Candy Kiss Machine
York, Scotty Coins
York, Scotty The Color Changing Pocket Knives
York, Scotty For Your Eyes Only
York, Scotty Lecture, (Conferencia)
York, Scotty Scotty York Decanted
Youell, Steven The Card Guy Presents Stuff I Talked About at IBM 1994
Young, Morris N Presto Prestige
Autor Título
Zanadu Zanadu Rope Magic
Zander, John Mixed Bag Lecture Notes, (Notas de conferencia)
ZeTuer, Profesor Apparatus and Trick Tips for the Kid's Show Magician
ZeTuer, Profesor Gold Mine in Kid's Magic, Booking Business and Promoting Yourself
ZeTuer, Profesor Ingenious Tips, Tricks and Secrets for the Kid's Show Magician
Zimmerman, Dick Creative Magic
Zingg, Allen Sam's The Magic of Sam Schwartz
Zollweg, Ron The Professional Routines of Ron Fredrick
Zorn, Steven The Little Book of Magic Tricks

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